This week, Ben Domenech of the Federalist grades Trump’s response to the coronavirus while the American Enterprise Institute’s Karlyn Bowman explores what the polls say Americans think about the pandemic’s effects on their lives. J. Miles Coleman also dissects North Carolina’s political divisions

Another busy week and to help us parse it, we enlist Ricochet Editor @jongabriel (not a member? Join Ricochet using the new ExJon leve1!) and guests Victor Davis Hanson and The Federalist’s Ben Domenech. We cover everything: the protests, the statues, and the firings. Listen!

Music from this week’s podcast: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by The Band (from The Last Waltz)

Do you read The Federalist? Write there? Did you ever wonder how it started? How he cobbled his team together? Then you will want to listen to this episode. Ben Domenech talks about the ups and downs of publishing The Federalist including how he deals with the criticism. He also talks about his approach to publishing articles about Donald Trump.

Of course, Ben weighs in on the ever-important Seinfeld debate.

Ben Domenech of The Federalist joined Jay to talk “The Best Of” throughout the year:

  • Best Movies
  • Best Television Shows
  • Best Music
  • Best Sports Moments
  • 2017 Predictions

Politics was largely avoided, but if you want to hear a fun discussion about pop culture, then you will enjoy this episode!

This week, the cavalcade of guests hosts continues as we welcome our good pal David Limbaugh to the Long seat on the podcast. We talk Trump’s evolving cabinet, yesterday’s meeting with the tech-llegensia, and some insights into where Trump may lead the country on his first 100 days. Then, from The Federalist (and his indispensable daily news letter, The Transom), Ben Domenech stops by to discuss the view of the incoming administration in DC, Democrat’s incessant whining about the Russian hacking, and some thoughts (but no spoilers) on Rogue One. Also, a preview of David’s new book, and the the podcasters pick their favorite Christmas toys (thanks Ricochet member Chris Bogdon). Makes us want to tear up…

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