This week, John Yoo, the Ricochet Podcast Senior Election Fraud Analyst and the Joan and Ray Kroc McRib Scholar at Hamburger University sits in for Peter Robinson and kicks the show off with a deep dive on where we stand with all of the current court cases and challenges around the election. Then, Avik Roy (listen to his American Wonk/COVID in 19 podcast right here on Ricochet) stops by to science us on the recent resurgence of COVID cases cropping up across the country. Then, National Review’s Jim Geraghty (do yourself a favor and subscribe to his must read Daily Jolt newsletter) visits for a bit to talk about Georgia, polling, and to drop a few impressions. Finally, mad props to Ricochet member @markcamp for winning the coveted Lileks Post of The Week badge for his tome, Was Perry Mason a Great TV Series? We’ll let you decide. Thanks to all who joined us for the live video version of the show. We apologize for Rob’s sweater.

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Avik Roy joined host Ben Domenech to discuss the debate over how and when to reopen schools amid government lockdowns. Roy serves as the president of the  Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity and the opinion editor at Forbes.

While following realistic protocol to ensure students’ safety, Roy asserts that schools must open this fall for children to have the greatest chance for success. It would be detrimental for students to not reap the mental, emotional, and physical benefits that schooling provides, he said. It also produces a large disparity between lower class and upper class children.

Back this week with the full cast and another full show. We start with a  deep dive on the Bari Weiss resignation and free speech in general. Then our favorite Denmark dude, Bjørn Lomborg joins to discuss his new book, How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet. and we give him a chance to rebut a very snarky New York Times review of said book. Happy to help, Bjorn. Then, our favorite health care wonk, Avik Roy (listen to his 2x a week Covid in 19 podcast — co-hosted by some guy we’ve ever heard of– for all the latest COVID news and analysis) drops by to school us why schools should stay open. Finally, yep it’s another Lileks Post of The Week, this time by Ricochet member Tocqueville, who has compiled a very good list of Bullsh*t words/expressions that have got to go! 2020 Edition. The guys add a few of their own, so please feel free to give us yours in the comments below. In the meantime, stay safe and mask it.

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We’re a full month into full lockdown and quite frankly. we’re just about fully filled with aggravation about it. We vent to each other and then we bring in a couple of really smart guys (and coincidentally, Ricochet podcasters): Avik Roy and Lanhee Chen. They (along with Bob Kocher and others) have published A New Strategy for Bringing People Back to Work During COVID-19 a manual for safely re-starting the economy. We delve into detail about how to get people of all ages and backgrounds back into the workforce while putting into place safeguards to prevent another round of infections and another shutdown. Also, should we be buying goods from China? Changing My Mind on “Country of Origin” Labeling Thanks to China,  This week’s Lileks Post of The Week by BucknellDad tackles that topic. Finally, what are the podcasts the podcasters listen to? Well, you’ll have to listen t this podcast to find out.

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Avik Roy is the President of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, aka FREOPP, a policy editor at and a former advisor to three Republican presidential candidates – Romney, Perry, and Rubio. Avik joins Carol Roth to do a deep dive into what truly ails healthcare in the US (pun entirely intended) and what works- and doesn’t work- around the world. Carol and Avik discuss the challenges of the current cronyist system and all of the issues from how insurance is purchased to why drugs are so much more expensive in the United States. It’s an incredible hour, where you are sure to learn a ton and reshape your views on what makes sense for healthcare going forward, regardless of party politics.


President Trump’s new strategy for Obamacare and the Iran Deal? Following the law. (And Democrats hate it)

Avik Roy on what Trump’s executive orders on Obamacare did–and didn’t–accomplish.

Policy guru Avik Roy joins to consider whether there’s still space for market oriented reform in health care and in American life in general. He also explains how he became a wonk.

Jay and Mona then turn to the Las Vegas massacre, Tom Price’s departure, Rex Tillerson’s honesty (and likely tenure), going easy on Trump, and Mona’s experience at a rock concert. Yes, really.

Summer’s here and that means vacations and that means….guest hosts! Today, Peter Robinson teams up with our podcasting colleagues at The Weekly Standard, Steve Hayes and Fred Barnes. They talk about Georgia’s 6th district race, and of course the new health care bill now in front of the Senate. On the topic, we call on the most knowledgeable person we know on health care law, Avik Roy. Also, Trump vs. Comey and the not so special special counsel.

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Recorded, this afternoon, Peter Robinson and Avik Roy (from the United lounge at SFO) discuss the aftermath of the AHCA collapse.

Another week of interchangeable hosts as Law Talk co-host John Yoo sits in for Rob Long and Ricochet Editor-In-Chief Jon Gabriel subs for the ailing Peter Robinson. Nonetheless, it’s full show with Avik Roy on the Republican’s take on affordable health care and National Review’s Andrew McCarthy on FISA courts, wiretapping, and those pesky Russians. Also, what makes a truly great Philly cheese steak? Our wiz on topic, Professor Yoo, spreads it on thick.

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First show of 2017, people. This week, we’ve got Powerline’s Steve Hayward sitting in for the TV-making Rob Long, we’ve got Russians hacking, we’ve got Republicans repealing, we’ve got Lileks segueing, and we’ve got Avik Roy ACA-plaining. Really, what more could you want? OPhm, right — yep, we’ve got some Ricochet Member Feed posts too, and a little tribute to Carrie and Debbie. Thanks for everything, ladies.

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We open with some thoughts on the just concluded Democratic convention, and then segue into our guest, Avik Roy. His interview with Vox has been discussed extensively on Ricochet, and we give him the full court Ricochet Podcast press. Is the GOP on life support as Avik suggests and can be saved? Or, is everything just fine, and the party should stay the course? We delve into all of that with Roy in a very provocative (but civil!) conversation. Also, some thoughts on auto-promotion and the new version of Ricochet. If you’re reading this and you’re not a member — what are you waiting for? Join NOW. We need you!

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