Scott Adams, Creator of “Dilbert” and a New York Times Best Selling Author, joins Dave to discuss his latest book Loserthink: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America, impeachment, and so much more.

Then Dave chats with Salem Radio’s Dennis Prager and Larry Elder, and Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles and Andrew Klaven at the Hollywood premiere red carpet event for No Safe Spaces.

We go long on this show (and we’re not just talking about one of our hosts, either). First up, the mayor of New York City wants to be your President. That’s good for the city (keeps him away for long stretches of time), and probably good for the current occupant of the White House too. Then, our good pal and co-podcaster Andrew Klavan joins to discuss his recent adventure at Stanford University and then sticks around for a detailed discussion about the pro-life bill that just passed in Alabama. Then, we remember architect I.M. Pei, and when James heads to airport, Peter and Rob talk more about the pro-life issue and its place in American life.

Music from this week’s show: You Can’t Be Too Strong by Graham Parker

Andrew Klavan joins Paul Beston on a special summertime edition of 10 Blocks to discuss faith, depression, and redemption—the focus of his memoir, The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ.

Klavan is an award-winning and bestselling author, Hollywood screenwriter, political commentator, and contributing editor for City Journal. But before his books became films starring Clint Eastwood and Michael Douglas, severe depression took him to the brink of suicide.

We cribbed the title of this week’s show from Charles Krauthammer’s book as it perfectly describes what we’re feeling this week after the announcement from the good doctor and the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. We get reactions from our guests, Rod Dreher and Andrew Klavan, who also delve into other topics, including psychedelics, why Trump is a great President, cake baking, and more.

Music from this week’s show: The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

Live from the American Freedom Alliance School Shooting Conference, Dave interviews 9 speakers on one of the most heart-wrenching issues of our time, the epidemic of school shootings. This is the first of three episodes, each with three speakers.

Andrew Klaven, Author, Screenwriter and host of the Andrew Klavan Show, discusses culture, how the right can reclaim the narrative from the opponents of the second amendment; the progressive left who believe they can run things better through the administrative state and how we all now get our information.

In an extraordinary conversation Andrew Klavan talks about his book, The Great Good Thing, taking us on his life’s journey. Raised in a secular Jewish family, Andrew recounts the path that took him from despair to discovery and, ultimately, to his baptism in the Christian faith. One need not be an adherent of the faith to appreciate Andrew’s honest account of a remarkable story. Along the way, Andrew and Dave talk writing, the arts, and Andrew’s optimism that the Great Conversation will ultimately lead to great things. Speaking of great things, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy this podcast.

It’s going to be tough listening to this podcast today….now that DONALD TRUMP HAS KILLED THE INTERNET!

The great Andy McCarthy of National Review on the FBI Russiagate Fiasco;

When we want a voice of sanity and reason to help us distill the election and the world at large, we turn to our good friend Mitch Daniels, the current President of Purdue University and the former Governor of Indiana (and in our alternate universe, the President of the United States). He schools us on Gary Johnson, our addiction to debt, and political correctness on campus. Then, our fellow podcaster Andrew Klavan joins to chat about his new book The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ. Also, what would you tell Donald Trump if you were his debate coach? We give our thoughts on the show, but tell us yours in the comments.

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