We’re back! For the most part anyway–Peter’s out, but Ricochet editor Bethany Mandel is a fitting sub for today’s education-oriented podcast. Our guest is Andrew Gutmann, the man who stood up to CRT pushers in his daughter’s school and became last year’s overnight sensation. (He’s also the co-host of Ricochet’s new podcast “Take Back Our Schools!“)

We go through the pandemic of cowardice which has infected parents and will leave children with indelible side effects. It might not be a fight they want, but retreat is not an option. Thankfully, Andrew and Bethany are here as backboned examples and to take us through our options. (As promised, treat yourself to Bethany’s County Council smackdown–and here’s the whole meeting, where she enters in at 3:00:52)

There’s a lot at stake in this week’s jam-packed podcast. First up we’ve got Byron York (he of the Byron York Show on this very network) to update us on the administration that sees crises everywhere – except for the one at the border. Then the hosts get to chat with Andrew Gutmann, the New York parent who made waves recently for a publicized letter excoriating the fancy Brearly School for prioritizing wokeness and “safety” over education. Plus James gets to exhale as Minneapolis calms down, and Rob and Peter reflect on the late Walter Mondale.

Music from this week’s episode: Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) by Pink Floyd