This week, Bolton bolts, we debate the debate with The Washington Post’s Henry Olsen, kick around the culture with The Atlantic’s Andrew Ferguson, we’ve got a new Long Poll question for you (but you have to be a Ricochet member to vote), Lileks awards the coveted Member Post of The Week, and some thoughts on the 18th anniversary of 9/11.

Music from this week’s show: My City of Ruins by Bruce Springsteen

Sometimes, people ask why we wait until Friday afternoons to publish the podcast. The last couple of weeks should answer that question for at least a while. We’re lucky to have a full contingent of quality guests this week to help us sort through all the outrage, er, news that has accumulated since last week’s show. First up, Ricochet’s own Bethany Mandel who has a few opinions on the Kavanaugh confirmation process. Then, one of our favs: the great Andy Ferguson, who’s been doing some reading and some thinking about all things Trump. Also, courtesy of Rob Long, an insiders view of the Yale grapevine. Suffice to say, Buffy and Biff are upset.

(H/t to Seth Mandel for the title of this week’s episode).

The wry and witty Andrew Ferguson joins NTK to report on The Post, which he had just seen, and on the Washington world, which he’s seen through the years.

Jay and Mona then speak of Rob Porter, bias, Riccardo Muti, and much more.

This week, a special edition of the Ricochet Podcast. Peter Robinson and Rob Long (Lileks is cruising the Atlantic) are joined by The Weekly Standard’s Andrew Ferguson and the great P.J. O’Rourke. You’ll definitely want to check out P.J.’s new venture As you would expect, this show a wide ranging ramble through the culture, but past and present, including but no limited to President Trump, Sheriff Joe, the Summer of Love (in ’67), Burning Man, cars, Wall Street, Matthew Arnold’s poem Dover Beach and more. And be sure and stick around after the show (or at least the part with Andy and P.J. for a rare conversation with just Rob and Peter (aka The Founders).

Music from this week’s podcast: San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair) by Scott McKenzie

Folks, we’re getting to the final act of the election and there’s no one better qualified to help us parse it than the Weekly Standard’s Andrew Ferguson. We talk Hillary, we talk Trump and his bizarre relationship with Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, the Beatles, and of course, the Nobelist himself, Bob Dylan. Also, where might we be headed from here (and by “we” we mean Ricochet)?  @FatherB. asks the question in his post “In which I disparage this website and its founders” on the member feed and as promised, gets it answered on the podcast.

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