Anders Hagstrom returns to the show to discuss the Big Tech menace (?), the Tik Tok menace (!), and the pleasures of video games (?!?).

On this episode, Jack and guest Anders Hagstrom discuss the rise of Area 51 memes, what they say about memes as a whole, whether this is Generation Z’s first meme, and if the U.S. government would actually kill millions of Internet weirdos if they showed up at the gates of Area 51 trying to get in.

In a Young Americans first, Jack and co return to a previously-addressed topic: video games. But we’re not just running out of ideas; rather, inspired by the release of Kingdom Hearts III, which recovering gamer Jack is tempted to relapse to buy and play, the panelists discuss whether it is possible to game responsibly or if obsessive playing is inevitable.

This month, the gamer known as “Ninja” became the first “esports” “athlete” to grace the front cover of ESPN Magazine. As “esports”–i.e., playing video games in a professional competitive setting–grow in popularity, the Young Americans debate whether this portends ill for their cohort, and wonder if video games are taking over society as a whole.