Ayaan talks with Amy Chua about how America has always demonstrated a poor understanding of tribal relations in other cultures, a weakness that makes the country ill-prepared to navigate the increasing tribalism of its own domestic politics. Amy shares her work on ‘market dominant minorities’ and ‘super-groups,’ as both women express concern about the growing political “us vs them” mentality in the United States.

Amy Chua is a Professor of Law at Yale Law School.  She received both her A.B. and her J.D. from Harvard University and was Executive Editor of the Harvard Law Review.  

This week, we wanted to do a show aimed at graduating students — which is why we booked The WSJ’s Andy Kessler to discuss his column Advice to New Grads: Scale or Bail and Amy “Tiger Mom” Chua (yes, her new book Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations isn’t strictly for grads, but hey, she’s the TIGER MOM). But one of our podcasters decided to hijack that theme and take us on his own magic carpet ride. Still, it’s a good show, chock full of advice, life, hacks, and other illuminating factoids. Happy Memorial Day!

Music from this week’s show: Eye of the Tiger – Bluegrass Tribute To Classic Rock