One of my favorite journals these days is The European Conservative, edited by the intrepid Alvino-Mario Fantini out of Vienna. Printed on heavy stock paper, its articles are adorned with fabulous reproductions of classic art, making it the kind of journal you’d happily put out on your coffee table alongside your gallery books from the Met or wherever.

Back in September I wrote on Power Line about how the magazine was dropped from the W.H. Smith newsstands because someone complained about a cartoon that appeared in the summer issue. Here’s the offending cartoon:

The King welcomes Alvino-Mario Fantini, Editor-in-Chief of The European Conservative, Europe’s premier conservative English-language quarterly journal of philosophy, politics, and the arts. His work has appeared in such publications as The American Spectator, Crisis, The New Criterion, Far Eastern Economic Review, Catholic World Report, The American Conservative, and The Wall Street Journal. Mario serves on the board of the Center for European Renewal, and is a member of the Philadelphia Society, Mont Pelerin Society, and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques.

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