Nancy Pelosi on “How To Become A Liberal Icon.”

What’s the real story behind the CFPB battle? Legal scholar Adam White has the answers.


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Adam J. White joins Brian Anderson to discuss the “administrative state,” often described as the fourth branch of the federal government. Under the Obama administration, bureaucratic agencies were aggressively utilized to bypass congressional hostility to the progressive agenda.

In 2014, President Obama declared his “pen and phone” strategy: if the Republican-controlled Congress was unwilling to act on his priorities, he would sign executive orders directing federal agencies to enforce new rules or ignore existing ones. Environmental regulations, immigration reform, and Internet neutrality were just a few areas where the Obama administration directed agencies to make substantial policy changes.


When we want measured, calm commentary on the current political climate on the right, we always turn to the weirdest Democrat we know — our old pal Mickey Kaus. He helps us navigate Trump’s phone calls, the mysterious Steve Bannon, the wall, and assorted other unique aspects of the first weeks of the Trump administration. Then, Hoover’s Adam J. White joins to help us analyze Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. Finally, a few thoughts on 1934-ism and yes, Super Bowl picks!

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