Dreadnoughts at War


The dreadnought battleship was an iconic technology in the first half of the twentieth century. Nations poured millions into their construction. Despite – or perhaps because of – the money spent building them they were rarely used.

“Clash of the Capital Ships: From the Yorkshire Raids to Jutland,” by Eric Dorn Brose, presents one period where dreadnoughts were extensively used: the North Sea during World War I. Britain’s Grand Fleet and Germany’s High Seas Fleet waged a campaign in the North Sea between 1914 and 1916 representing the dreadnought age’s most important use of dreadnoughts.

Jutland, the biggest and most important naval battle of World War I, was not fought in isolation. Brose takes a fresh look at the battle of Jutland and the events leading up to it. He reexamines all source material, British and German, including material released after the centennial anniversary of the Battle in 2016.

Quote of the Day: Facts


“Facts don’t care about your feelings.” – Ben Shapiro

I have used this once before, but if ever there was a quote that summed up this week this is it. We have seen it in the lefty reactions to the Rittenhouse verdict. It is a giant cry of “Don’t confuse me with facts. My feelings tell me he is guilty.”

Bob Was There Too


I just finished reading Artemis, by Andy Weir. Yes, I know it’s been out for *checks title page* five years? Really? Man, I am slow at this kind of thing. The good part of not staying up-to-the-minute on these things is that I can get the book from the library because nobody else has it out. The bad thing is that nobody cares about what you have to say by then. But sometimes I’m early; sometimes I… hold on, I’m going to need to get a proper hipster beer to fortify me for this next part.

Now that I’m drinking a Triple India Pale Ale double dry hopped with Simcoe, Callista, and Kohatu,* I can tell you that I’ve been a fan of Andy Weir’s for longer than you have. I’ve read his first novel. No, not The Martian, this is the unpublished one called Theft of Pride. You’ve probably never heard of it. He had a download link on his website. No, not his current website; galactanet, the old one where he hosted his webcomic Casey & Andy. Hold on…

Was Rittenhouse as Big as the OJ Trial?


There’s a grain of truth in this tweet from Dinesh D’Souza. In some ways, this was the O.J. trial for those of us who believe in the Second Amendment and the right of self-defense. We followed it with the same passion and the same interest, but our interest wasn’t due to the celebrity nature of the defendant.

Kyle Rittenhouse may have been the defendant, but what was really up for grabs inside that courtroom was our ability to protect what matters most to us. Kyle defended his life against three felons who used a variety of methods of lethal force. If Kyle were to be found guilty of murder in any of those incidents, it would have established a precedent that the politics surrounding a criminal case can override the merits of the case itself. That he was declared innocent of his crimes by a jury of his peers gives us hope that we might get through this craziness with our Constitution and our sanity intact.

Known by the Enemies One Keeps


I’ve often said that my enthusiasm for Donald Trump owed a lot to those arrayed against him: anyone who invited such scorn and hatred from such miserable excuses of humanity as the hyper-vitriolic left must have something going for him.

I find myself feeling the same about young Mr. Rittenhouse. Just as I long ago stopped criticizing President Trump because the criticism heaped on him by others was so over-the-top, so too will I refrain from expressing anything other than wholehearted support for Mr. Rittenhouse.

Quote of the Day: Do You Pray for America?


“Prayer has two dimensions, one mysterious, the other not. There are simply too many cases of prayers being answered for us to deny that it makes a difference to our fate. It does. I once heard the following story. A man in a Nazi concentration camp lost the will to live—and in the death camps, if you lost the will to live, you died. That night he poured out his heart in prayer. The next morning, he was transferred to work in the camp kitchen. There he was able, when the guards were not looking, to steal potato peelings. It was these peelings that kept him alive. I heard this story from his son.” — Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks

 Particularly over the last year, I’ve read how many people have called for prayers for themselves or others: prayers for those we care about in the Ricochet prayer group; prayers for understanding and solace. And a number of people have shared that they are praying for our country.

Knowing that we at Ricochet are a serious group that calls for action from our government that helps and doesn’t cripple us—securing the border, stopping eccentric and costly legislation, asking Republicans to act as if they care about America—I wonder if people also believe that prayer can have a positive effect on the future of our country.

Cargo Container Feast and Famine


America (and likely China) is experiencing a cargo container feast and famine. Ryan Petersen, CEO of Flexport, deserves an “A” for effort with his influential Tweetstorm. He gets the problem, the choke point, right. Peterson is able to be a catalyst for discussion leading to real solutions because he is not in one of the positions being blamed: shipping companies, dock managers and workers, trucking companies and truckers, or government. However, Peterson shows the limits of his knowledge in his suggested means to the end of getting trucks to the cargo terminals with empty trailers. Let us consider what he wrote, how things work, and who is actually in a position to lead an integrated solution to this short- to medium-term logistics problem. Hint: politicians touring and talking “infrastructure” spending are not part of the solution.

Prelude for context

I Look for Heroes Wherever I Can Find Them


In deference to our traditional heroes, I have to say that the man I’m going to tell you about is not one of them. He hasn’t put his life at risk (although some might disagree, given what he is doing); he hasn’t faced bullets (but he has dodged the slings and arrows of the woke community). And he sets a great example, especially for professors in the universities, for fighting back. His name is Prof. James Moore.

Prof. Moore, who teaches engineering and policy at USC in Los Angeles, has the audacity to hang a pro-police flag on the outside of his office door. The university newspaper, the Daily Trojan, reported the complaint of a student regarding the display:

‘This is an inappropriate and unnecessary symbol to have on an office door where USC is, within the last year or two, trying to have a much broader diversity initiative and to be inclusive, especially in the STEM area,’ one USC graduate student told the school newspaper.

Normalizing Pedophilia


After studying the trend toward corrupting our children with transgender propaganda, I didn’t think there was a way to intensify my outrage about the distortions of gender and sexuality in this country.

I was wrong.

We have a queer (his own label) human being, Allyn Walker, who is an assistant professor at Old Dominion University, who has decided to reduce the incriminations against people who “like children,” but have shown restraint in their own behavior. He is proposing that pedophiles not be labeled so negatively, and that the term, “minor attracting persons” (MAPS) be used instead:

Resurrection of Meritocracy


Much ink has been spilled regarding the benefits and drawbacks of meritocracy. I’ll provide some perspective on the history of the failings that have been credited to meritocracy, but I’m mainly here to say that if we want people to want to work and to stay employed, we must restore a meritocracy that gives them more than a paycheck, encourages them to be part of the workforce, and sustains them there, in spite of the forces that will encourage them to submit to Marxism and socialism.

Rather than focus on the arguments against providing a meritocracy, I’d like to address those who have given power to destroying it. Behind all their justifications are the mantras of the left: diversity, inclusion, and equity.

In a society where DIE is paramount, you simply can’t allow for a meritocracy. It emerged as a movement to counteract elitism as pointed out on the Powerline blog:

Quote of the Day: Truth and Fiction


“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” — Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar, Mark Twain

Ain’t it the truth. All you have to do is look at the news today. If in 1960 someone had written a science fiction novel about the 2020s with even half the things that are going on today his editors would have laughed at the draft when they encountered it on the slush pile. The world would lock down for a respiratory virus with a 1% fatality rate? Get outta here!  That will never happen. The FBI would be colluding with a major political party and the New York Times to subvert justice? That’s wacko conspiracy theory territory. Big Brother would not come from the government but rather from public sector technology companies? That idea’s kinda out there, isn’t it?

An Attempt to Rescue Tsar Nicholas


How would the world have changed had the Russian royal family not been murdered in 1918? Especially had they escaped Bolshevik captivity to serve as a focus for an anticommunist movement?

“The Romanov Rescue,” by Tom Kratman, Justin Watson, and Kacey Ezell, explores that possibility. It is an alternate-history novel, in which an attempt to rescue the Romanovs is mounted.

The authors posit a scenario where Kaiser Wilhelm decides to back an effort to rescue cousin Nicky and his family from the Bolsheviks. He sets in motion a mission to free the Russian Royal Family in December 1917.

Quote of the Day: We Don’t Have to be Perfect to be Good


“Refusing to stand during the national anthem is not and should not be illegal. But such blanket rejection of American customs is admittedly now a collective narcissistic tic — and hardly sustainable for the nation’s privileged to sit in disgust for a flag that their betters raised under fire on Iwo Jima for others not yet born. Sometimes citizens can do as much harm to their commonwealth by violating customs and traditions as by breaking laws.

“Instead, freedom requires constant reinvestment in and replenishment of a nation’s traditions and ideals. Self-criticism of one’s country is salutary to ensure needed changes, but only if Americans accept that an innately self-correcting United States does not have to be perfect to be good – and especially when, in a world of innately flawed humans and failed states, it remains far better than any of the alternatives abroad.”
Victor Davis Hanson

The tragedy of the Left is that it mainly lives in ignorance. Its true believers see darkness and emptiness everywhere. They accuse everyone who doesn’t follow their dogma as racists, white supremacists, capitalists, and Nazis. For them, there is no release from their own misery, and they remind all of us that we have no right to be happy and satisfied. Our achievements rest on their desolation, and we must pay for it—forever.

Uncommon Knowledge: Boardwalk Empire: Chris Christie’s Unfinished Political Journey


Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie began his political career as a teenager watching Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford joust for control of the Republican Party at the 1976 GOP convention. From there, he soon entered the University of Delaware and then received his JD degree from the Seton Hall University School of Law. He served as US attorney for New Jersey from 2002 to 2008 and as governor of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018. Gov. Christie ran for president briefly in 2016. The governor guides us through all of those—often embattled—chapters of his life in the course of this interview, including giving us his view of the Bridgegate scandal, and what it was like to be on the debate stage with Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican primary race. But it’s not all politics: we also cover the governor’s views on China, COVID policy, and domestic economic policy. Finally, while he doesn’t make any announcement about his future plans, Christie does describe why he might be the best choice to run—and win—in the 2024 presidential election.

A New and Ordinary Life


How often have you heard people say that when their life was threatened and they survived, they had a whole new lease on life? I’ve heard it a lot.

But that attitude hasn’t been true for me.

The Left’s Lies About Race


Americans are barraged with messaging from left-wing politicians and their supportive media informing us we are a fundamentally racist nation, frozen in amber from our slaveholding past, and denying it only proves how racist we are.

But the fact case is against these purveyors of resentment. Yes, racism exists — duh — but America is the least racist nation on earth. To label us unregenerate bigots is a slur purposed to divide us by skin color.

Comrade Comptroller Crippling Country


Omarova Commie ComptrollerBiden’s communist Comptroller of the Currency candidate is ideologically consistent and has said the quiet parts out loud for years. Saule Omarova is has let her red flag fly free, like she was back in the USSR, at least since 2017. So, it should not surprise you to find her on camera talking about bankrupting and throwing the entire American petroleum industry, all those well-paid private-sector workers, out of work. This is entirely consistent with the current actions of the penthouse progressive big bankers, choking off oil and gas project loans. Omarova is also perfectly aligned with the Build Back Better Act, now made more likely to pass by Kevin McCarthy and his motley crew of thirteen who helped the Congressional Progressive Caucus pass the infrastructure bill, clearing away Senator Joe Manchin’s biggest objection, as he stated on November 1.

The Twitter account, @BidenNoms, a project of the American Accountability Foundation, has posted a telling video of Saule Omarova speaking freely about her socialist schemes, wrapped in the cloak of saving the planet. The environmental movement in the West has long been aligned with socialism, recognizing that traditional class envy failed to generate revolution in the 1960s in America. Capitalists are recast as polluters. It is no coincidence that “environmental justice” leads to redistribution patterns that map closely with the redistribution patterns advocated by socialists. It is also no coincidence that the environmental movement drives costs and energy dependencies to the benefit of Russia, China, and leftist billionaires, with their Green grifts.*

So, listen carefully to Saule Omarova in two separate interviews on different days:

Guns in the Wine Cellar


I’m a gun guy. I’ve carried a gun most of my adult life. All of my children grew up shooting; one of them is a pretty good competitive shooter. A few of them hunt — I never did, just not an outdoorsy sort. I taught self-defense shooting classes a long time ago when I lived in Tucson, back in the early days of the women-with-guns thing; most of my students were women who had never handled a gun. I enjoyed it.

I’m a fairly self-controlled fellow. To the extent that I fly off the handle… well, you’ve seen about the worst of it here. I’m pretty mild-mannered, don’t have a temper to speak of, drink modestly and am never drunk, and usually — not always — think before I speak. I’m a pretty responsible guy, the kind of person who handles guns safely and competently.

Thread: Glenn Greenwald on Corporate Media


I no longer regularly browse Twitter, but a recent thread by Glenn Greenwald caught my attention. It accords with Power Line’s The Three Whisky Happy Hour: Election Schadenfreude Edition. There, Steve Hayward and “Lucretia” called on a 2023 Republican congressional majority to hold aggressive hearings, hauling all the major media bosses in front of them to make them squirm over the past five years of lies and deep deception. They took as their touchstone Big Story, the important history of our media (deliberately?) grossly misreporting the Tet Offensive, thereby turning the American public against the war for the first time, to the advantage of the Vietnamese communists, Mao, and the USSR.

In that context, consider Glenn Greenwald‘s story in several tweets.

Congressional Roundtable Discussion and Resolution Put Free Speech on Campus Front and Center


Last week two of my colleagues at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), Senior Legislative Counsel Tyler Coward and Alumni Relations Officer Connor Murnane, participated in a campus free speech roundtable discussion hosted by Rep. Greg Murphy and joined by Reps. Elise Stefanik and Kat Cammack, members of the newly-formed Alumni Free Speech Alliance (AFSA), and a representative from Young America’s Foundation (YAF).

“We’re going to defend the communist as much as the socialist or anyone else, but it has to be free speech,” Murphy said of the purpose of the event. “That’s what this country is about. [Free speech is] not unilateral.”

Famine in America


You might be asking yourself, what cave have you been living in that you missed a famine in our own country? You haven’t missed it at all; the famine we’re suffering through, however, does not cause ordinary starvation as we see in Burkina Faso, Congo, Nigeria, or South Sudan. We don’t see the desolation of hunger and deprivation. Instead, America is going through a famine the likes of which we’ve never seen: it is the famine of the mind, the heart and the soul. And unlike the famines in other countries that we watch with heartache, we try to turn away from the ugliness, or blame others for what has occurred here. To some degree, we are all partly responsible for what is happening: there are perpetrators but there are also the silent witnesses.

What is this famine in America? It is multifaceted–

We have a famine of meaning.

Millennial Feminism Is a Lie


Growing up, I knew I could do and be anything. As a millennial woman, the world was my oyster, and the future was mine for the taking.

Credit is certainly due to my mother, Joanne, who led by example. She had a handful of careers from interior design and real estate to project management and completely revamped herself as a single mom with two young kids scaling the corporate ladder all the way to the C-suite later in life.

While this had an enormous effect on my outlook as a young woman, the seemingly subconscious cultural forces around me played more of a role in what I believed “real” success meant for a woman and it looked nothing like what I feel today, as a 35-year-old.

Make Them Take the Purge Pledge


Ballot boxKevin McCarthy, who quietly colluded with Lyin’ Ryan to sabotage the first two years of President Trump’s administration, owns the actions of his caucus members. He owns the vote for the radical left assault on single-family home communities, the American dream for all ethnic groups, and clearing the biggest obstacle to Joe Manchin voting for the monstrous Build Back Better Act. McCarthy’s crew knew exactly what Manchin wrote and said the day before the Virginia election. For the sake of our republic, for our own states, our communities, our families, our lives, McCarthy must be expelled from Republican leadership, and all those who enable him from this day forth must have their political careers ended, without exception, in 2022. Voters can force this outcome by demanding every Republican primary candidate openly reject McCarthy before we consider any other campaign position or promise.

McCarthy’s motley crew knew the American people, across parties, socioeconomic circumstances, and ethnic identities, were rejecting Biden’s radical wrecking and remaking of America. Republican politicians expect to be given the majority in the House, and possibly the Senate, next November. McCarthy is the man who would be Speaker, and he let turncoats give aid and comfort to our domestic enemies, who loathe us. Our domestic enemies have declared open war on us, with the same hired guns that killed mothers and children in Idaho and Waco, Texas. Labeling parents who dare defy school board functionaries “domestic terrorists” means pointing men with automatic weapons at moms. It does not matter that the head of the American Stasi is a bespectacled bureaucrat. So was the last head of the German Stasi, Wolfgang Schwanitz.

Stasi sounds a bit extreme? My point is the current leadership in Congress and the Executive are lowering the barrier to official violence with their rhetoric about us, despite terrible past instances when government rhetoric, characterization of their target, led to deadly government violence. In that context, Republicans, squishy moderate to right of Attila the Hun, have no business giving any oxygen whatsoever to the fire, no matter the goodies slipped into a bill to their benefit.

Hyperbole, Decibels, and Persistency


[hat tip to @oldbathos for inspiring this post]

Everything I recommend here will be abhorrent to traditional Republicans. It stinks of nastiness, exaggerations, and mischief. But we already know that our usual methods for accomplishing anything are a waste of time and unappreciated. Going along to get along is off the table.