I’m Very Impressed with the Biden Administration So Far


In only a few months in office, the Biden Administration has shut down pipeline construction in the USA, closed off Federal lands to the development of energy resources, and thrown wide open the southwestern border to all comers. They have bailed out fiscally irresponsible blue states like Illinois, New York, and California with trillions of dollars in debt-fueled spending.  They have also redefined “infrastructure” to include anything the left wants to spend money on including, I am not making this up, free community college, and government-subsidized daycare. All-in-all, they’ve passed about $6 Trillion in new spending and they are far from done. Next on their agenda is to “reform” voting laws to ensure that Republicans have the same level of power on a national level as they currently have in California: None.

I support none of Biden’s policies, but I must say after watching Republican presidents… even with majorities in both Houses of Congress … utterly fail to advance any of the policies their voters wanted, one cannot help but be impressed at how well the Democrat leadership does at enacting the policies its electorate wants.

Primary Election in PA Results


I have not been affiliated with any political party for almost my entire life, except for the time I registered Republican in order to vote in the primary against my sitting House Representative Tim Murphy.  Remember him? He was the one who resigned his seat after his mistress was revealed and she told the story about this strong conservative pro-life politician telling her to abort his child. My vote against him came a few years before that when I had a running battle with his office over his votes on the federal budget. My belief was that the House has the power of the purse, and as such, should just refuse to fund Obamacare. His staff’s response was that I just didn’t understand how things worked and should trust my elected representative. Besides, wasn’t I a federal employee who could lose my job if we had a protracted government shutdown? My response? I found that job and had worked in the private sector before amd wasn’t afraid to find another job. That was when his staffer cussed me out and hung up on me; that’s when I decided it was time to vote this guy out. Sorry, I digress.

Yesterday was the primary day in PA and we have a closed primary system, so normally I wouldn’t even pay attention… but yesterday was different. We had three state constitutional amendments, a statewide referendum, and my state house district had a special election to replace a 42-year-old man who died suddenly from a brain aneurysm; Mike Reese was a decent man.

A Reminder from Harry Browne


The Seven Not-to-Be-Forgotten Principles of Government

  1. Government is force.
  2. Government is politics.
  3. You don’t control government.
  4. Every government program will be more expensive and more expansive than anything you had in mind when you proposed it.
  5. Power will always be misused.
  6. Government doesn’t work.
  7. Government must be subject to absolute limits.


If you really want to cure a pressing social problem, take steps outside the realm of government. If you don’t see how you can convince people to help you succeed in a non-governmental endeavor, how can you expect to control politicians who care nothing for your desires?

Jim Geraghty is joined by Chad Benson who is filling in for Greg Corombos for this episode where they begin by raising a glass to applaud Nancy Pelosi’s recent call for a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Olympics in China. The cheers end with the second round of the day as the discussion turns to Biden’s policy reversal on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. For last call, Jim and Chad share their thoughts about a close call: the government now acknowledges that UFOs are very real. Check, please.

The Republican Party’s Problem


The Liz Cheney brouhaha brought to sharp relief the problems the Republican Party faces with regard to Trump and Trump-supporters.  Liz and her crowd firmly believe that the way to deal with Trump is to rebuke and circumscribe him for his attempt to steal a second term through a campaign of lies about the election.

The problem with this is this:  There are big chunk of the Republican electorate that doesn’t trust the elite mainstream Republicans that Cheney typifies. This chunk includes not only populist white working-class people but also the black and brown people who defected to Trump. They trust Trump.

Today on the show the woke are running out of things to call racist so next on the list is little league, yep little league is racist, the potential formation of a January 6th Commission, democrats go all in with their own ‘big lie’ as they lurch further to the left than ever before, to the shock of no one BLM firmly stands with Hamas terrorists, Should we boycott the China Olympics plus the destruction of police moral around the country caused by democrats has lead to a major crime wave.

The Insurrection Story Is Falling Apart


Thousands of hours of video from the Capitol on January 6 have not been released. This article from yesterday’s American Greatness may show why. The protestors negotiated the terms of their entry into the Capitol. It does not appear to have been violent. And in an insurrection, the armed revolutionaries would seize the media and the major government buildings. Nothing like that happened on January 6. Let the government release all the videos so that they can be studied in detail.

Jim and Chad begin their lunch with a celebratory toast to the news that children in New Jersey will be back in school full time for the 2021-2022 school year. Confusion sets in with their second round, however, as they discuss the AP’s decision not to call what’s happening at the border a “surge.” With their last round of the day they analyze the waning taboo about discussing the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 may have originated in a Chinese lab.

Today on the show a major freakout among liberals and the media about the new CDC recommendations, more liberal media freakout about SCOTUS taking up the Mississippi abortion case, there are huge divisions among democrats about the existence of Israel, Alex Gandler the Deputy Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast stops by to talk about Hamas and the Israeli defense system, democrats try to grapple with republican redistricting going into 2022, restaurant closures are staggeringly high and Will Hild the Executive Director of Consumers’ Research stops by to talk about the Consumers First Initiative.

Rebekah Jones, the COVID Whistleblower Who Wasn’t


Since I have not seen anyone post Charles C. W. Cooke’s wonderful piece of investigative journalism here, I felt I should.

This is an amazing tale–fun to read. MSNBC swallowed her story about Florida hiding Covid deaths whole. Turns out that the only dumb thing that Florida did was (1) hire her and (2) keep her on the payroll after she was revealed to be a crazy person, wrecking their IT. There’s sex and guns and cybercrime. Stranger than fiction.

Jim Geraghty is joined by Chad Benson who is filling in for Greg Corombos for this episode where they cheer the unmasking of America and discuss some of the confusion this sudden change has created. They also discuss a growing problem at the border and some creative efforts to get more people vaccinated.

Today on the show the situation in Israel has a couple of new twists, the left struggles with the virtue signaling nature of mask wearing, the left has a conspiracy theory problem they won’t admit, the media continues to show it’s Trump addiction and a racist microaggression that wasn’t, the experts get it wrong time and time again, this time with the gas shortage plus a strange story about the invention of the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (TL; DR): I had some thoughts on a strategy to respond to the specific narrative that will be told leading up to the midterm elections: “Republicans aided and abetted an Insurrection on 1/6 and they are yucky, icky people that should not be elected.” If you wish to just read the strategy, scroll […]

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“Who is the leader of the Republican Party?” Is it Trump, or not? Personally, I don’t even like the question. You want to know why? It is because we are Republicans, okay, and we conservatives DON’T HAVE FRICKIN “LEADERS”! WE DON’T NEED ONE! THAT IS A DEMOCRAT THING! And honestly, I don’t think I even […]

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 https://spectator.us/topic/all-capitalist-pigs-jeff-bezos-billionaires/ The fact that the linked was written by Pat Buchanan, often considered a Fascist, authored a column clearly describing modern Fascism, yet fails to recognize it as such, proves that irony is not dead yet. Preview Open

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Today’s flagship Ricochet podcast is now in the can — that is to say, digitally recorded and being prepared for release by the indispensable Mr. Yeti. The emphasis for the first twenty minutes or so was on Trump, with our very own Mr. Long doing his standard burn-him-to-the-ground shtick while Peter and James looked, I […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the CDC finally telling vaccinated people they can stop with all the restrictions – a decision millions of Americans had already made. They also hammer President Biden for tweeting out people have to get vaccinated or stay masked and react to the “trust the science” crowd suddenly very mad at the scientists. And they discuss the implications of cyberterrorists attacking the Colonial Pipeline and Colonial agreeing to pay the $5 million ransom to restart operations.

Today on the show masks, passports, and schools plus the end of the federal unemployment benefits in some states, the unrealistic push for national wide adoption of electric cars, the ‘squad’ goes all in for terrorist group Hamas on the floor of the House, the left’s culture warriors aren’t interested in preservation but destruction and the media is still out there trying to get us to give up beef and eat bugs.