Today on the show democrats are on day two of their melt down over Tim Scott’s rebuttal to Biden, speaking of Biden no one watched his snoozefest of a speech, Florida’s new election law gets less media coverage because Stacey Abrams isn’t running for governor there, white farmers sue over racial discrimination, a controversy erupts around JD Vance’s comments on universal childcare, the NFL draft kicked off last night and former Jeopardy contestants get triggered by the number three.

Florida Is the Future


Moe and more, it looks like Gov. DeSantis is showing the way. His freedom and liberty oriented state legislation is a test drive of the kind needed at the national level to put in place the policies needed to defeat and destroy the Woke in public and commercial life.

The difference between him and many other prominent conservatives is that he is executing. He’s putting in place the reforms that others talk about. He is showing that he knows how to work the political system he has to strengthen his position and arguments.

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect President Biden’s attempt to put a fresh coat of paint on the same old agenda Democrats have been pushing for decades, including his push for massive tax hikes and insistence that his gun control agenda is compliant with the second amendment. They also cheer Tim Scott for a terrific GOP response, in which he blew up several false narratives from Democrats and pushed for critical items like school choice. And they hammer media outlets of both political persuasions for publishing stories that didn’t have all the facts right and for catering to favored politicians.

Today on the show Biden addresses congress with a wishlist of progressive wet dreams, Senator Tim Scott gives a sobering rebuttal, Senator Ted Cruz takes on the woke corporate culture, democrats unrestrained spending will have a devastating impact, Andrew Cuomo is a serial killer of the elderly plus how differently the media has reacted to both Rudy Giuliani and Hunter Biden being under investigation.

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I have made no secret of what I think happened on Election Day 2020 and the days following; local Democrat election officials in a number of strategic counties in a number of strategic states, having total control of the counting process, and thus the means, motive(!) and opportunity, simply delivered tens of thousands of mass […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome polls showing more Americans want their second amendment rights vigorously protected. They also go dizzy as President Biden trots out his third multi-trillion dollar spending binge.  And they react to a Vogue writer agonizing over whether to have a baby because she is convinced the child is damaging to the planet.

Today on the show what to expect from Biden tonight, the CDC gives permission to do things that outside, Tucker Carlson becomes the new bogeyman for the media, the left grapples with redistricting woes of their own making, the left goes after Joe Rogan for giving a scientifically factually correct answer and Congressman Chip Roy stops by to give an update on the southern border.

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Tonight (April 27) I finally attended, for the first time, a meeting of the Calhoun County (Michigan) Republicans. The local Republicans have changed since the 1980s. Ours is one of the local Republican parties that censured our Representative, Peter Meijer, for his vote to impeach President Trump. And it seems to know how to come […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they cautiously welcome the new shifting of congressional seats based upon the 2020 U.S. Census and the opportunity for Republicans to win a House majority. They also roll their eyes as John Kerry denies telling Iran’s foreign minister about covert Israeli operations in Syria while former Obama official Ben Rhodes comes up with a completely contradictory defense of Kerry’s actions.  And they sigh as Rep. Liz Cheney says she hasn’t decided one way or another on a 2024 presidential bid.

Today on the show John Kerry is an Iranian tool, Biden wants us all to eat grass to save the planet, blue states lose in the latest census and prepare for unfavorable redistricting, the company Basecamp firmly abandon’s wokeness, James Carville explains how progressive wokeness is harming the democrat party and teachers unions continue to screw over minority students.

Today on the show phony fact checker Glenn Kessler attacks Tim Scott and Biden’s environmental plan will make all commodities more expensive, like beef, millions are skipping vaccine doses, Caitlyn Jenner runs for governor, the wins and loses as we approach Biden’s first 100 days and the rise of violent fringe groups.

Join Jim and Greg as give President Biden credit for correctly labeling the Ottoman slaughter of Armenians last century as a genocide, They also rip John Kerry for reportedly telling Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif that Israel was responsible for more than 200 attacks against Iranian interests inside Syria. And they shake their heads as Vice President Harris seems unmotivated to solve the border crisis yet copies of her kids book are showing up at a migrant facility in California.

It May Be Time For The Oregon Option To Go National


Image result for Empty Senate Chamber. Size: 283 x 146. Source:

The House of Representatives has gone mad, and like COVID, the stupidity has gone viral in Washington DC. Some Senators seem to be suffering from the lack of oxygen necessary to make coherent decisions, as well coherent arguments. Viral stupidity is spreading beyond elected officials to include the media, faculty lounges, state governments, federal appointees, and former elected officials.

Knife fights are now a rite of passage for angry teens, all carbon dioxide must be eliminated, and we must obey the ayatollahs of social media. Every argument, counter-argument, proposal, and counter-proposal must be accompanied by shouts of racism. Political commissars in the corporate, military, and civil world root out individual thought, and ensure collective guilt must be the standard observed in every decision.

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Like every other state, Illinois is in the process of drawing new legislative boundaries as is required every 10 years after the taking of the census. This year is unique because (like everything else) COVID interrupted the process. The Illinois Constitution provides that the legislature has until June 30th to draw a new legislative map. […]

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Don’t Buy RepubliCan’t Posturing


red green capitalWe are supposed to be shocked, shocked! We should be, but at the cynical purveyors of another story spun to deflect from full force electoral pressure on the House and Senate RepubliCan’t Conferences. Shame on Katie Pavlich at Townhall for playing their game in “Wait, That’s How the FBI Labeled the Attempted Assassination of Republicans on a Baseball Field?” The FBI willfully, falsely categorized the 2017 leftist premeditated mass-assassination attempt, targeting Republican senators and congressmen, as “suicide by cop.” J. Edgar’s boys continued their corrupt culture by brazenly ignoring left-wing deadly political violence, part of cooking their books against the forgotten Americans, against whose champions the FBI was already in full seek-and-destroy mode in 2017. So, we should be outraged.


If you read past the headlines and tweets, you find a very inconvenient truth. The Congressional RepubliCAN’Ts had this information almost immediately, as the FBI brazenly briefed its lies in November 2017. Calling the FBI on its fraud, on its failure to honestly characterize and so focus resources on actual threats to Republican members of Congress, would have threatened the Russia hoax and RepubliCAN’T leader collusion with Democrats in seeking to undo or at least stifle the forgotten Americans’ electoral command, expressed in their shocking 2016 victory. So, it did not matter that Congressman Scalise was nearly killed and going through a series of surgeries, with a long and painful rehabilitation ahead of him. What mattered was protecting Speaker Lyin’ Ryan as he colluded with Democrats and Mitch and the Gang over in the Senate to defy the American people and bring them back to heel as mere election pawns in the Crony Capitalism game.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Arizona Democratic Sen.  Mark Kelly opposing expansion of the U.S. Supreme Court under any circumstances. They also wince as Virginia announces there will be no accelerated high school math classes until the 11th grade. And they have very different reactions to the news that Caitlyn Jenner is running for governor in California.