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On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast, Sam Jacobs welcomes Joe Kent onto the show. Joe Kent is a father of two, a retired Special Forces veteran and the widower of Senior Chief Petty Officer Shannon M. Kent who was killed by ISIS in Syria. Kent is currently running for Congress from the 3rd […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome two more states making progress on election integrity. They also cringe at the April jobs report coming in way below expectations. And they react to Democrats and activists using the absurd, supposedly inclusive term of “birthing people” instead of mothers.

Today on the show Democrats fully embrace the anti-woman movement with birthing people nonsense, Caitlyn Jenner steps in it during his first interview while running for California governor, the latest jobs report was disappointing, Congressman Chip Roy stops by for the latest in DC nonsense, the whisper campaign against DeSantis has begun and Elise Stefanik has a very liberal voting record.

CEOs Whiff on Election Integrity


Members of the Public Policy Committee of Greater Phoenix Leadership recently endorsed an editorial titled “Disenfranchising Voters is Not Election Reform.”

“As an organization of CEOs at the helm of hundreds of thousands of employees in Arizona,” they felt it their public duty to warn of efforts in the legislature not only “undermining our carefully crafted voting system” but also “actually attempting to suppress the votes of Arizonans.”

They were especially incensed by the “stringent new identification requirements for those voting by mail” and the “purge of voters from the Early Voting List.” They grouped these bills with other less important measures, then claimed that all of them had “one thing in common: making it more difficult for Arizonans to vote.”

Join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out of President Biden celebrating a very meager goal in getting kids back in the classroom.  They also fume as Biden sides with the WHO in wanting to “pause” the patents for the companies that developed the vaccines in order to boost production. And they react to Democrats debating whether to remove Iowa and New Hampshire as the first caucus and primary states because they’re too white.

Today on the show more on the Liz Cheney melodrama within the GOP, a layman’s breakdown of CRT, the new CDC guidelines for children this summer are absurd, it’s beyond time to open up the country, Facebook decides to continue with President Trump’s ban from the platform and Jack White, who is running for attorney general of Virginia, stops by to talk about his race.

It’s Time for Liz Cheney to Go


House Republicans kept Liz Cheney in her leadership role by a secret vote in February. If there’s a vote in May, she won’t be so lucky.

The Wyoming representative angered many in the base when she joined nine other Republicans to impeach President Donald Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol. As House Republican Conference chair, she holds the third-highest position in minority leadership. Trump supporters found it a betrayal of their party.

Cheney avoided removal with a 145-61 vote in her favor. Anyone with a hint of political acumen or leadership instincts would start mending fences, uniting the caucus, and moving forward. Cheney chose the opposite.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three crazy martinis! First, they shake their heads as Charlie Crist runs for governor in Florida for the third time, the second time as a Democrat. They also unload on the CDC’s absurd mask and distancing guidelines for outdoor summer camps for kids. And they react to Facebook’s convoluted decision to keep Donald Trump off its platform.

Naming the Wuhan Coronavirus


Zaire ebolavirus: This terrible disease was named after the country in which it was first discovered, Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Wuhan coronavirus: This not-so-terrible disease was named after the city, Wuhan, China, in which the first outbreak was identified and from which the disease is believed to have spread.

Today on the show Liz Cheney and the rift inside the republican party, good electoral data for the GOP, a deep dive into critical race theory after a teacher berates a hispanic cop, liberals who can’t quit covid, the CIA goes woke and in the name of equity education dumbs itself down.

Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching the Dems’ case for killing the filibuster wither away. They also discuss the House GOP fight over Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney and the impact it’s having on the party. And they shake their heads as Brookline, Massachusetts, insists on requiring masks outside despite he CDC easing those restrictions.

Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate two Republicans reaching the runoff for an open congressional seat in Texas and parents fighting back against the “anti-racism” push in school board races. They also applaud Sen. Joe Manchin for opposing the lefty push for D.C. statehood. And they discuss the Biden administration’s efforts to ban menthol cigarettes in an effort to protect minority communities and the fierce opposition from the ACLU and others who argue it will only create more criminals.

TX06 Special Election Followup


Today is May 1st and municipal election day in Texas.  I wanted to follow up on the results of the TX06 special election that was held also.  I thought there might be interest since there were 4 previous posts on the election with over 200 replies.  I guess it is technically 3 posts (one, two, three) and a podcast in the last month.

The big contention was whether this “anti-Trump” upstart, Michael Wood, would be the future of the GOP.   One of the candidates in the race was the widow of the individual who previously occupied the office.  Mrs. Wright is the leading vote-getter and will be in the run-off.   With 94% of the votes in, second place is barely held by Jake Ellzey, who I thought was the most likely winner (I didn’t know about the widow component).  If these results hold, it will be two GOP candidates in the runoff.  Third place is some Democrat that would certainly lose in the runoff.  And that anti-Trump upstart? He is currently in 9th position with about 3% of the vote.  It looks like that bold strategy didn’t pay off in MAGA country.  Paging Liz Cheney…

Today on the show more information comes out about the investigation into Rudy Guiliani, a landslide victory in Texas for those fighting CRT, there is a worker shortage due to the government continuing to pay people to stay home, teachers unions bully the CDC to keep kids out of the classroom, Lila Rose of Live Action stops by, the fallout from Basecamp going apolitical and what’s behind the hispanic rise within the GOP.

On May 1st, Texas will hold a special election to fill the seat of late U.S. Congressman Ron Wright, who passed away in February from COVID-19. The contentious, all-party election has 23 candidates vying for the seat, including Rep. Wright’s widow Susan.

One of the Republican candidates, Michael Wood, joins Avik Roy, President of FREOPP, to discuss his platform and why he describes this election as “the first battle in this war to take back [the Republican] Party.” In Woods’ words, “It’s time for us to move past [Trump] now before we lose to Democrats in the midterms next year and in the presidential election after that.”

What’s the Matter with Biden?


It’s all over the news. The FBI staged (correct word) a raid on Giuliani’s apartment, with a search warrant. The warrant had to be approved at the highest levels of the Justice Department. It was as fake as any of the FISA warrants sworn to by James Comey’s FBI during the Russia hoax. The ostensible crime: failing to register as a foreign lobbyist (which Giuliani never was).  In violation of the warrant, the FBI agents refused to take Hunter Biden’s hard drive.  So the person who actually violated (known) the FARA statutes is of no interest to the Justice Department. Giuliani. who worked to defend Trump in the Impeachment trial,  claims to have had the government spying on him to access attorney-client exchanges in the Cloud, and thus already had all the information on his electronic devices, thus no need for the raid. Plus Giuliani had long since offered to provide all of the material sought in the warrant to the government.

The issue is Giuliani’s activities in Ukraine. Joe Biden famously bragged about interfering to stop an investigation into Burisma, where his son was on the board, using the leverage of US Foreign aid dollars.  The Big Guy will protect his son and attack anyone who might provide compromising information against him or his son and further expose the international criminal scams run by the Bidens. He will use all the resources of the Justice Department to do so now that he controls the levers of power. However, this is one petard that might turn out to hoist Joe Biden:  Acting under the color of law to protect criminals.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome 6.4 percent economic growth in the first quarter of 2021. They also hope President Biden will keep his word that schools should be fully open in the fall. But they have no idea why Biden insists on social distancing and wearing masks around other vaccinated people. Oh, and there may be a bit of NFL Draft talk in there too.