Underprepared for the Capitol Riots, Overprepared for the Inauguration


In earlier posts, I put forth my take on the lack of a plan for the January 6th riot that took place in the Capitol building in Washington DC. I’ve been following the news on what happened, I’ll call it the under-reaction on January 6th. Now there seems to be an overreaction for the inauguration of Joe Biden.

The FBI has now been walking-back the story of capture and assassination teams breaching the Capitol. The Norfolk FBI office states that they issued warnings, yet the DC office has been silent on whether they were aware of warnings and warned the Capitol police of those warnings. The agent in charge in Norfolk may be on his way to Billings, Montana in the very near future if Democrats in Congress have their way. One must not disturb the narrative.

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Is there a place where we can look at any court documents regarding those arrested in connection with the social justice protest gone bad at the Capitol last week? Can we learn the names and the charges against them? I’m asking for a friend. It would also be nice if we could get a list […]

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From the Second City Cop farewell: The Chaplains – Fr. Brandt has done and continues to do God’s work. It is the only police charity we contribute to because we know exactly where every dollar is going. And there isn’t a finer man of G-d alive than Rabbi Wolfe. When we hear he’s in the […]

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Violence Against Police on January 6th


The New York Post tells the appalling stories of two police who went to assist at the Capitol and were savaged by the rioters:

Officer Michael Fanone was on desk duty last Wednesday when he decided to join his fellow officers at the Capitol to control the rowdy mob, but what happened next, he says, was unimaginable.

I Love This Fence Outside the Capitol


This fence is my photo of the week. Thanks to Architectus for the photo. Unfortunately, it should have been in place on January 5th outside the Capitol building. This fence would have prevented the launching of a thousand posts, media punditry, and stupid comments from Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. The impeachment word would have disappeared, as well as hundreds of thousands of comments.

One woman and one Capitol police officer might still be alive if this fence had been in place on January 5th. We wouldn’t have been subjected to videos of violent morons trashing the interior of the Capitol. We wouldn’t have had to listen to morons that were silent for months on violence in American cities that were subjected to mostly peaceful protests. There were a lot of rioters that got their Christmas shoplifting done in those summer months.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss what happens next with a deeply fractured Republican Party.  They also fume as Capitol Police officials say they never got the FBI warning of violent threats at the Capitol on January 6. And they have some fun with people mistakenly thinking Chuck Norris was part of last week’s demonstrations in Washington.


Join Jim and Greg as they salute Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman for his quick thinking in leading the mob away from the U.S. Senate on Wednesday. They also discuss the growing support for a recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, as California fails some of the most basic functions of government. And they point out that for all the alleged urgency towards another impeachment, congressional leaders seem to be pretty patient.

There Was No Plan, an Epic Fail


Apparently Capitol Police rejected offers of assistance of additional law enforcement help. I listened to a press conference Thursday morning involving the mayor of DC. She said there was going to be an investigation of what happened. That tells me that there was no coordinated plan to protect the city, or federal buildings.

WASHINGTON — Three days before the pro-President Donald Trump riot at the Capitol, the Pentagon asked the U.S Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. And as the mob descended on the building Wednesday, Justice Department leaders reached out to offer up FBI agents. The police turned them down both times, according to a defense official and two people familiar with the matter.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the good news that the Pfizer vaccine successfully fights off the recently discovered coronavirus mutations. They also mourn the death of a U.S. Capitol Police officer and discuss the scrutiny the USCP will undergo after Wednesday’s riots and the chief’s resignation. Finally, they slam Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for immediately framing the police response as evidence of a race-based two-tiered justice system.

Jim and Greg offer their reactions to demonstrators flooding into the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday in protest of the Electoral Vote counting process. They also examine the president’s response and one good thing that happened in the wake of all the chaos.

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You have all heard the phrase “thin blue line” and seen the flag that represents it.  The phrase generally represents the idea that police and policing are all that separate us (the good people) from anarchy.  The flag represents support for police. In the last few years the flag has become a lot more popular […]

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Legitimacy and Rule of Law. Keystones of civilized governance. These common themes appeared frequently in my coverage of Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, and more. I seldom have written a word about Nepal but I spent a year there including much time with Maoists. That entire war was about unfairness, economy, and legitimacy. The Maoists won and […]

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A 10-79 Letter from a Portland Police Officer


See the source image

10-79 is the 10 code used in Portland, OR, for ending your shift. 10-79 is also heard at the end of memorial services for officers that have lost their lives while on duty.

2020 has been a rough year for officers of the Portland Police Bureau. The image of a dumpster fire should appear on the City of Portland Seal, and on city stationery. The city motto should be changed from “The City That Works” to “The City That Shirks.”

A Broken Glass Rerun


What is happening in policing, especially in Portland, is heartbreaking. Though it is not any better in cities outside Portland. I’m old-school when it comes to loyalty. Loyalty means supporting honest policing. Perhaps I’ve seen too much on the streets, and what matters to me is supporting officers that have seen what I have seen.

And on the dance floor broken glass
And bloody faces slowly pass
The numbered seats in empty rows
It all belongs to me you know-The Who

Oh man, it’s media day in our year-end Three Martini Lunch awards and Jim and Greg are holding nothing back.  Specifically, they look at the stories the mainstream media covered far too much, the ones they conveniently ignored because they didn’t fit their narrative, and what they saw as the best stories of 2020.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for cranking out as many judicial confirmations as possible before the end of the session. They also discuss the truly crazy comments of Georgia Senate hopefuls Rev. Warnock comparing the GOP tax cuts to Herod’s slaughter of babies in Bethlehem and Jon Ossoff being clueless on the job of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And they shake their heads as officials in Austin, Texas, finally realize that shutting down and defunding the police cadet academy was probably a bad idea.

Join Hubwonk host Joe Selvaggi and his conversation with former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis who shares his views on the features and controversies of the police reform bill on Beacon Hill.

Ed Davis has been in law enforcement for 35 years from his role police officer, detective, and commissioner in his home town of Lowell to serving as the Boston Police Commissioner from December 2006 until October 2013. Commissioner Davis has worked internationally on police issues in Singapore, London, Northern Ireland, Jordan and Israel. Commissioner Davis served on the Police Executive Research Forum’s (PERF) Board of Directors and was a founding member and first President of the Massachusetts Major City Chiefs Association. Mr. Davis is now  President and CEO of The Edward Davis Company, a business strategy and security services firm.

Confirmed: Seattle Police Are Nearly as Stupid as the City Government


The Seattle City Council just approved a 20% cut to the department’s budget for 2021. And now, “Seattle Police search for common ground with Defund movement leaders“:

The move to strip down the Seattle Police Department was driven in large part by the community coalition known as King County Equity Now. On Thursday night, KCEN representatives joined an online conversation with a number of police officers who wanted to put a face on who it is that’s actually being defunded.