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I won’t bother to ask if they respect life, that does not appear to be anywhere on the menu. But do they obey the law with regard to pharmacists and other health professionals to exercise their right to refuse to engage in a transaction that violates their conscience. This is an important question. If Life […]

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‘I Wouldn’t Wish This on Anyone’


So said a good friend of mine, speaking to me of the disease which was soon to take away the independence he so much valued.  He has Parkinson’s disease, and shortly after that he fell at home and it took him an hour to get to the phone and call his nearest friend to come get him up. It was a couple of months later that he surrendered and moved into an assisted living facility.  Now he is, most unwillingly, transitioning to a nursing home so he can obtain a higher level of attention and care. He has steadfastly refused to get the jab or wear a mask, so I don’t know how that’s going to fly. Even when I took him to the doctor’s office he was the one without a mask.

I first met him at church, where he was a faithful member. As time went on attendance became more and more difficult for him, and it’s been over a year since he was seen at church.  He’s a good guy and loves kids:  Retired about 20 years ago from his job as Principal of a local county High School. You can guess how many of them think to visit, but he tells good stories about many. Never heard him speak ill of a one, even the troublemakers.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the Supreme Court decision declaring that bureaucratic agencies like the EPA don’t have the power to make sweeping policy changes – that power belongs to Congress alone. They also slam President Biden and other Democrats for pushing limited suspension of the filibuster to pass legislation to codify Roe v. Wade and pass the left’s attempt to federalize elections. And they have some fun with Vice President Kamala Harris insisting Biden will run again in 2024 with her as his running mate and then later saying he intends to run


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news that Democrats are getting increasingly worried about Senate races in Washington and Colorado. They also groan as Hillary Clinton re-emerges to spuriously claim Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is on some sort of lifelong grievance crusade. And they break down AOC’s call for abortion clinics on federal land in red states.


Join Jim and Greg as they break down the monumental U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions that had declared a constitutional right to an abortion. They welcome the ruling as being correct from a constitutional perspective and for the good it will do in saving lives.  They also note that not much immediately changes on abortion law and that the 50 states will now determine how they each approach the issue.

In addition, they point out the Homeland Security warning about widespread violence as a result of the ruling, and Jim highlights how the decision of a justice who strongly supported abortion contributed significantly to Friday’s verdict.

Scot Bertram of Hillsdale College and the “Political Beats” podcast is in for Jim. Scot and Greg break down a new poll showing Americans solidly opposed to biological males competing in women’s sports. They also chronicle the decision of Gannett and other newspaper publishers to scale back on opinion pages. And they hammer most of the media for ignoring violence against crisis pregnancy centers while CNN covers it disingenuously.

This week on Hubwonk, host Joe Selvaggi talks with Stephen Eide, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute about his newly released book, Homelessness in America: The History and Tragedy of an Intractable Social Problem, in which he asserts that a better understanding of the many challenges facing each homeless individual can lead to a tailored and more durable policy solution to this enduring societal problem.


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I found three papers discussing the lost learning suffered by school children as a result of the Covid lockdowns.  I thought that this might be of interest to some of you. Before getting to the three studies, I want to address the measurement issue.  Two of the three report the educational harm to school kids […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome 2022 midterm assessments from two Democrats that this year is going to be very rough for their party. They also groan as Homeland Security keeps its “Disinformation Governance Board” and taps former Bush Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff as a key adviser. And they preview today’s key primaries before diving into the sheer chaos of the Pennsylvania race, where we still don’t have a GOP primary winner but we do have lawsuits. Meanwhile, medical experts are warning that the Democrat in the race had a more severe stroke than we were told in recent days and is “at risk for sudden cardiac death.”

The FDA’s War on Children


The Washington Free Beacon reports today that the FDA approved COVID boosters for children as young as five without convening the Vaccine Advisory Panel. The FDA circumvented the usual process for vaccine approval. Anyone with minimal sentience can see that these FDA vaccine approvals are purely political, and not based on any sort of “Science.”

Specifically, there is virtually no benefit to vaccinating, let alone boosting, small children. The reason for that has been recognized almost from the onset of COVID: For the virus to enter cells, activated androgen receptors are required, that is, androgen receptors in the cell cytoplasm that are occupied by testosterone. Such receptors exist in very low if any quantities at all in the cells of small prepubertal children. The activated androgen receptors move from the cell cytoplasm into the nucleus where they induce the expression of a protein, a serine peptidase that splits proteins at serine amino acid residues. That peptidase is necessary for allowing the virus to open its envelope to merge with the cell membrane and release viral materials into the cell.

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It seems that there is a new viral disease showing up in multiple countries.  It originated in deepest, darkest Africa, and seems to be occurring more visibly now than previously (like last week).  Stories are appearing in multiple places about this “similar to smallpox but less lethal” disease.  Since we are now primed to pay […]

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This week on Hubwonk, host Joe Selvaggi talks with Cicero Institute’s Jonathan Wolfson about the growing doctor shortage and the potential to alleviate the crisis by tapping the global supply of well-trained physicians eager to find safety and freedom in the US.


Healing Honey


Honey may be one of the oldest forms of natural medicine. Its wound healing and antimicrobial properties can be found mentioned in some of our oldest medical literature. The Bible mentions it in proverbs 16:24 “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine who is turning a few thousand RPMs in his grave, was convinced that honey had a variety of healing properties, and he would use it in many of his treatments. He would treat pain with a combination of honey and vinegar. He also encouraged his patients to drink Mead, one of the oldest alcoholic beverages made by fermenting honey with water grains and other spices, the Greeks would refer to it as the “nectar of the gods”.

Perhaps the earliest pharmacy compound in history was theriaca andromachi.  A mixture of multiple ingredients including opium, cinnamon, and viper flesh was pulverized with honey and gum arabic into a paste. It would go viral as something could back then and we find it mentioned often in historic text. Galen, the famous Greek physician, would author an entire book on the remedy, and it was taken regularly by his most famous patient Marcus Aurelius. Pliny the Elder would note in his encyclopedic book Historia Naturales that the Arabians were producing honey strictly for medicinal purposes including applying it to wool and wrapping wounds.

Can We Get Criticisms of Chloroquine for Covid that Don’t Commit Fallacies?


I like Dr. Vinay Prasad, and his January article “We Need to Talk about the Vaccines” is very good. Among other important claims in the article:

  • the censorship is bad;
  • myocarditis as an mRNA vax side effect for young males is a big deal;
  • ivermectin is a fine drug that should never have been portrayed as anything else, and so are chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine;
  • and, unfortunately, they don’t cure Covid.

The part that I want to disagree with is the rejection of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine (hereafter collectively referred to as “chloroquine”) and ivermectin for Covid. I say I want to disagree. That doesn’t mean I should.

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Originally posted to another of my feeds on May 6, 2022. The divide … the line in the sand … the point of demarcation, whatever you want to call it, is becoming increasingly obvious. It’s as if the world has been administered the ultimate insanity pill. What happened to the acceptance of self-evident truths, the […]

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SCOTUS Isn’t Our Only Option; Pray, Witness, and Starve the Beast


The recent leak that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade has injected a wave of hope for pro-lifers across the country. It is almost surreal for those of us who have long supported the culture of life through prayer, financial support, and personal witness. But regardless of the legal outcomes, Christians have another tool in our boxes to support life: defunding the abortion industry by taking our hard-earned health care dollars elsewhere.

Over the past few decades, forces have worked to move abortion from a tragic occurrence to a health insurance line item many unwillingly support through premiums. Word gymnastics and vague, euphemistic language have blurred the procedures included in standard health insurance plans. But the reality is different: if we have health insurance, we’re involuntarily funding the abortion procedures that run counter to a culture of life and Christian Biblical values.

Many of us have felt trapped in a Catch-22, with what we thought were our only options for healthcare. We’ve looked to the law — which certainly requires an admirable degree of faith — to right the wrong. However, as we have clearly seen, many in office have placed little to no concern on what are considered dated moral values, let alone simple and affordable healthcare options. Eight years ago, we realized that legal protections don’t have to be our only option to protect the lives of the unborn.