The Last Bad Choice He’ll Make


We had an incident here in Polk County that involved a lethal shooting. In many other communities, there would have been shouting about gun control, and the shooter would have at least been arrested. Not in Polk County.

Here’s what happened: Two couples went out for the evening. At the end of the date, the two fellows drove the two women to one of the women’s homes. The fellows drove off after one of the couples had a bitter discussion, after which the two women entered the home.

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  In Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song I Take My Chances she suggests that instead of worrying about tempting fate, that “fate should not tempt me.”  It makes for great music, but probably not a great life plan.  This because I have often found that when I tempt fate it delivers a crushing kick toward the […]

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Join Jim and Greg for four big stories today! After a classic Jim rant on young people being offended by text messages with periods, they applaud the first night of the Republican National Convention and explain why they believe it was so effective. They also chronicle the epic fall of Jerry Falwell, Jr. and the lessons from this sordid saga. And they hammer House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for calling Republicans “domestic enemies” and “enemies of the state.”

Join Jim and Greg in being relieved that the four days of propaganda known as the DNC are finally over. They also discuss Joe Biden’s speech and why he would not be a unifying figure on virtually any policy. And they hammer Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for barring protests on her block while showing little regard for other neighborhoods.

Join Jim and Greg as they wince at the prospect of Sen. Kamala Harris being one of Joe Biden’s heart beats away from the presidency if the Democratic ticket wins in November. They also applaud Sarah Palin for her magnanimous advice to Harris based on her experience as John McCain’s running mate in 2008. And they hammer the “true conservatives” at the Lincoln Project for lavishing praise on Harris and laugh as Bill Kristol suggests only Harris and Pence should debate.

Don’t Replace the NRA, Reform It


New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing the National Rifle Association, seeking to dissolve it over multiple incidences of fraud and mismanagement.

And the thing is, her case is pretty strong, in my opinion. Really, really strong. Wayne LaPierre has been the effective head of the NRA for decades now, and his … questionable financial decisions appear to have been made without the knowledge of the Board of Directors, who should (should) have oversight on such matters. This quote in particular jumped out at me:

Attorney General Letitia James claims in a lawsuit filed Thursday that she found financial misconduct in the millions of dollars and that it contributed to a loss of more than $64 million over a three-year period.

Wayne’s World Is Crumbling


I didn’t write about this yesterday because I was angry and I rarely write well when my emotions get the best of me. I am a Patriot Benefactor Life member of the NRA. I have voted for responsible candidates in every NRA election. I have never voted for Wayne LaPierre. I care about the organization and its mission.

Yet, in spite of that, if what the NY AG has alleged is true, a platoon of Wayne LaPierre cronies have been elected to the Board and continue to help him pillage membership funds on behalf of himself and his family. That’s money that suckers like me contributed. So, yeah, I guess I’m still a little angry even today. Nothing has been proved at this point. All of this is allegation. I leave it for those interested to find the facts and make a determination for themselves. While I do not know if any of this is true, the opinions below are based on the possibility that it may be.

Now, I have no quarrel with the New York AG taking Wayne to task for what he’s allegedly done. I have not seen the evidence. I have not seen the receipts. I can’t imagine that a state Attorney General would make claims it could not back up in court (unlike, for example, the Mueller team with General Flynn). Some, or even a large part of the lawsuit may be smoke and mirrors.

Join Jim and Greg to close out the work week as they cheer a better-than-expected jobs report for July. They also wade through the egregious alleged financial improprieties at the National Rifle Association and the political overreach of New York attorney General Letitia James. And they’re a bit stunned as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces all schools in his state are welcome to return to in-person instruction this fall.

Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter joins Speak-Easy to discuss the rapid growth of gun ownership among African Americans in the last few years and how the Second Amendment community can welcome new gun owners into the fold.

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. . . The inability to find pistol ammunition is causing me anxiety and discomfort.  I appreciate that many Americans are developing a newfound appreciation for their inalienable right to keep and to bear arms in the midst of your riots and your calls to defund, restrict, or eliminate police departments. Preview Open

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It’s Not You, It’s Me. Or Maybe It Is You. I Don’t Know.


There’s a question that’s been bothering me for the last five years or so. When I went to the NRA convention in Phoenix in 2009, Harry Reid had a “B” rating from the NRA. There were a bunch of Democrats who spoke at the Saturday ILA forum at the convention. Yet just seven years later,  Hillary Clinton named the NRA as the enemy she was most proud of. Why the change? What do you think happened?

It could be that the NRA’s messaging had grown too extreme for the Democrats, but I don’t think that’s the case. Wayne LaPierre’s “jack-booted thugs” comment was way back in 1995 after all and that same style of messaging echoes down through the present day. The gun-control efforts of the Obama administration and other Democrats may have forced the NRA to denounce the Democrats, but gun control is not something new to that party. It may be because the NRA went all-in for Trump, but that happened early on in 2016, and the Dems turned on the NRA long before that.

Fishing for Trouble



I’m about to make a significant number of my fellow firearms enthusiasts upset.  But to mitigate the effect, at least somewhat, let me say what I believe.  I believe the only reason to strip someone of their right to own a firearm is a felony conviction involving violence.  There is a huge difference between someone who is 18 and writes a bad check for $500 and someone who is 18 and sticks a gun in a shopkeeper’s face.  I believe there should be a mechanism to restore firearms rights that would be fully funded by Congress (the current statute permits restoration by the ATF, but a Democrat-controlled and Republican-compliant Congress has refused to fund it).  I believe that every state should be a constitutional carry state, and that concealed carry should be a right, not a privilege. 

Running Out of Guns and Ammunition


Gun sales are through the roof. And so is the sale of ammunition. With the violence that has broken out across the country, Americans are making use of their Second Amendment rights. Many of us feel that we can no longer trust our legislators to protect us, as they tie the hands of law enforcement and regularly denigrate police departments.

The immediate problem is that the gun retailers are running out of products. Gun sales have been on the rise since 2,000, but they have increased significantly in the past year:

Deplatformed: How Big Tech Companies and Corporate America Subvert the 2nd Amendment


Anyone familiar with the Bible is familiar with the Mark of the Beast: Without this mark, no man may buy or sell.

Regardless of one’s religious faith or lack thereof, there is an illustrative case in this biblical story: When one cannot buy or sell, one is metaphorically up the creek. Short of producing everything one needs oneself, buying and selling are necessary parts of virtually every modern person’s life.

Social Responsibility, Boise Style


Every now and then something happens that reaffirms your faith in America and its citizenry.

Recently in Boise, Antifa decided they would conduct another of their “peaceful protests” which normally include peacefully rioting and peacefully burning down occupied buildings. Throw in beating a few honest citizens or storekeepers that complain, and that’s your typical Antifa “rally” or “march.”

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We need new laws in each state to protect business owners and innocent people in their homes from rioters and looters. My proposed language is something like this: “A person may use deadly force to protect persons or property from rioters or insurrectionists during a riot or insurrection.” Riot and insurrection would need definitions that […]

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Maybe It’s Time for Gun Owners to Step Up


If you recognize the name of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, you might be remembering that the Aryan Nation marched through its streets twenty years ago. It also has a colorful history and is named after an American Indian tribe. Most recently, though, it has gained attention as it takes up arms against Black Lives Matter.

When BLM decided to organize protestors in the town in June, the locals wanted to be sure that the town was protected. One resident shared the following impressions from June 2:

Women: No More Excuses


Last week we made a trip to the gun range for the first time in weeks. I nearly forgot how empowered I feel when I hold, aim, and shoot a gun. Especially because I practice regularly and shoot pretty well. But then I remembered that in spite of having a concealed carry license, I still am not carrying.

I read an excellent article in the NRA magazine [unfortunately behind a paywall] that was specifically directed to women who are reluctant to conceal carry. It was spot on in describing the primary reason women don’t carry:

What I’ve found is the training differences are not related to our strength, size or mechanical ability. Though these challenges may be in evidence, I’ve seen women overcome them all. And it’s not that there isn’t enough equipment designed for women. These days, plenty is made to accommodate us.