New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu joins Jim and Greg to explain why he turned down persistent GOP efforts to get him to run for U.S. Senate this year and why he strongly prefers to run for governor again. Gov. Sununu also talks about where he sees the Republican Party heading, and what it will take to win in swing states this year and in 2024. In addition, they discuss what the Republican agenda ought to be for fighting inflation and dig into Gov. Sununu’s record on school choice and abortion. Finally, Jim and Greg ask whether New Hampshire should always get to bat leadoff in the presidential primary season.


Join Greg and Emily Jashinsky of The Federalist as they welcome signs from Sen. Susan Collins that she has no intention of ending the filibuster to pass abortion legislation but they also note how abortion could cause tension inside a GOP coalition that now includes a lot of people who don’t consider themselves social conservatives. They also wonder why U.S. officials would publicly confirm that American intelligence has been directly involved in tracking and targeting Russian generals killed by Ukraine. And they fire back as Biden climate adviser Gina McCarthy vows an aggressive green agenda – including more than a hundred regulations on appliances and severe demands for “sustainable airlines.”


Join Greg and Rob Long as they hope reports of major downsizing at public schools over shrinking enrollment means public schools will need to compete for students and provide a much better education. They also cringe as Biden official Samantha Power seems happy that farmers are getting crushed by much higher fertilizer prices because it will accelerate the government’s green agenda. And they shake their heads at the administration’s latest COVID hypocrisy at the border.

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Does anyone else think that one of the forcing functions of the 100K year climate cycle is driven in part by the presence of methane hydrates.  I’m aware of the orbital dynamic explanation, but in addition to that, what if during the cooling period, sea levels recede and expose/melt enough methane hydrate to cause a […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they mostly welcome Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and promises of speech protection and dissect why so many on the left are hysterical about this news. They also sigh as Biden climate envoy John Kerry declares war on natural gas and promises it will be dead within 10 years. And they get a kick out of Utah “independent” U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin’s empty vow to caucus with neither Republicans nor Democrats if he is elected this year.


Join Jim and Greg as they cover President Biden’s latest all-time low approval rating. Despite delivering a Supreme Court Justice and the waning of the COVID-19 virus, Biden’s approval percentage sank to just 42% in the latest CBS New/YouGov Poll.  They also analyze the host of factors contributing to increasing despair and hopelessness in the American teenager including social media, COVID-19, and the media. And in a desperate attempt to appease his increasingly dissatisfied base, President Biden is taking steps to counter “ghost guns” this week.

Join Greg and Rob Long as they welcome a bipartisan Senate effort to stop the Biden administration from scrapping Title 42, better known as the Remain in Mexico policy for illegal immigrants. They also unload on Press Secretary Jen Psaki for not knowing how much worse the border crisis will get if Title 42 goes away – and also not seeming to care. And they shake their heads as New York Gov. Kathy Hochul pushes for an end to natural gas in new buildings starting as early as 2027.


Join Greg and National Review’s Andy McCarthy as they react to the release of a critical new text message from the Durham probe that catches Michael Sussman in an important lie. They also scrutinize the White House’s China policy as a letter of recommendation by the president for the son of Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partner comes to light. And Andy explains how the Senate Republicans could have been far more effective in showing just how weak Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson really is on crime.

Join Jim and Chad as they celebrate the U.K. lifting its fracking ban. They also react to reports that Senator Susan Collins will support Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, essentially ensuring Jackson a spot on the high court. And despite assurances they are pulling back from Kiev, the Russian military continues its campaign.

SEC’s Climate Disclosure Scheme Is a Mess


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which recently flexed its muscles to expand regulations over private equity firms, is at it again. Only this time, the stakes are far higher: its tedious 506-page proposal for mandated disclosures relating to climate change will expose every major corporation in the United States to unending administrative meddling.

As with the private equity proposal, the new SEC initiative provoked a detailed and powerful response from SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, who disputed virtually every assertion made by the three-member Democratic majority, headed by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. Gensler claims that the new rules will allow for greater consistency and comparability of the anti-global-warming efforts of different companies. Peirce responds instead that the SEC diktat will force each company to make so many ad hoc factual assumptions that the new findings will be indigestible by the very investors whom it is said to inform and protect. The Democratic majority claims that expanded climate disclosures are always material to prudent investors, citing in support of its position the general remarks of BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, who insists that the threat of global warming requires a “Fundamental Reshaping of Finance.” Peirce responds that the definition of materiality extends only to cover information that private parties use to make investment decisions, but does not cover matters of general public affairs as defined by the ESG—environmental, social, and governance—movement, which often subordinates firm welfare to advance highly intertwined matters of environmental protection and social responsibility. She further insists that these marginal explorations fall outside the statutory authority of the SEC, which contrasts with the Democratic majority’s view that this vast initiative lies at the core of the SEC’s statutory mission.

On balance, Commissioner Peirce has the best of these arguments. But, at this time, I shall go off into a different direction to see whether, wholly apart from these technical legal issues, the entire exercise is worth the candle. On this score, what is so disconcerting about the SEC’s new initiative is how little attention it pays to the central questions that should be preconditions for adopting the novel program in the first place. Here, I can deal with only three of these issues. The first is whether the SEC has demonstrated that global warming is such an existential threat that this bold initiative is warranted. The second is whether the proposed initiative can curb the supposed adverse effects of global warming. And the third is, assuming that the initiative could in the abstract curb such purported effects, whether the proposed institutional design achieves that outcome.

The oil and gas commodity price “war premium” is obvious. But with leaders in the EU and America pledging to “double down” on alternative energy to delink from oil/gas, they’re unintentionally setting in motion huge price pressure on mineral commodities that will drive inflation even higher. An exploration of technology and market realities.

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Today, March 26th, is national Brown-Out Practice Day, when millions of Americans who enjoy reliable base-load electric power produced by fossil fuels and other serious sources of electricity will anticipate our alternative-energy future by turning off all of their lights, unplugging their refrigerators, and, in northern latitudes, shivering in the darkness for an hour. Those […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they analyze new polls showing President Biden’s energy agenda is deeply unpopular and that a majority of Americans agree with controversial Florida legislation blocking students from kindergarten through third grade from being taught about gender identity and sexual orientation. They congratulate Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan for enacting common sense policy that allows applicants without a college degree to be considered in the state hiring process and suspect Democrats are not being completely honest in why they oppose the bill. We might soon be saying goodbye to changing those clocks as Sens. Marco Rubio and Ed Markey pass a bill making daylight saving time permanent. And they cringe as President Biden struggles to make basic introductions at a public event.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin for refusing to approve radical Federal Reserve nominee Sarah Bloom Raskin despite pressure from the left.  They also chide New Jersey Rep. Tom Malinowski for dismissing parents’ concerns about schools as made-up cultural BS and they see it is a signal that Democrats are in big trouble for the upcoming midterms.  And “The View” hosts Ana Navarro and Whoopi Goldberg accuse Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard of treason.

Join Jim & Greg as they walk through reporter Drew Holden’s thorough look at how President Biden has tried to limit oil and gas exploration at every turn and only now pretends to support it. They also react to actor Jussie Smollett getting 150 days in jail for fabricating a hate crime in Chicago. And they roll their eyes as the dubious Bulletin of Atomic Scientists refuse to adjust their “Doomsday Clock” over Russia’s nuclear saber-rattling.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome public comments from Dem Senators Joe Manchin and Jon Tester urging President Biden to boost production of American energy. They also react to leaders from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates refusing to speak with Biden about boosting oil output. And they examine the Ohio GOP Senate primary and curious media practice of spending the most time talking about the candidate who is clearly in third place.


Join Jim and Greg as they break down the economic, military, and political consequences of the Biden administration’s suspension of Russian oil imports. They also discuss the NFL suspending Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley for gambling but also note how the NFL and other leagues have enthusiastically embraced the recent expansion of sports gaming.  And they weigh in on a new Quinnipiac poll showing that Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to defend their nation from an invasion.

Join Jim and Greg as they cover the causes of skyrocketing prices at the pump and the Biden administration’s failure to take necessary measures to bring them down. They also wonder if President Biden regrets picking Kamala Harris to be his Vice President as she continues to embarrass herself on the national stage – this time by comparing Bloody Selma to recent voting law changes in some states. And despite attending a church service, a Brooklyn congregation was treated to a 20 minute speech by disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on things that should be cancelled before him.

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We should start exporting all Russians from the New York Diplomatic Compound. The compound, a white high-rise tower located at 355 West 255th Street, sits at one of the highest points in New York City and has often been the subject of speculation surrounding the building’s purpose and residents’ practices. The building is home to […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they cover President Biden’s State of the Union address, its contradictions, and Biden’s insistence on doubling down on failed policies. They also discuss the problems at the pump many Americans are facing and how the White House’s current strategy to bring down costs doesn’t work. And Ukrainian forces have eliminated an elite Chechen assassination unit, keeping President Volodymyr Zelenesky alive in the face of the imminent Russian siege of Kiev.