So There We Were….


We had a President under attack and a VP with lots of questions about their ability to serve. We were fighting what some called a proxy war against a large competitor on the grounds of a county that many couldn’t have found on a map before the conflict. Gas prices were going up, and we were about to be held hostage by gas-producing countries. This was causing an economic and employment crisis, and there were political riots in the country.

That was 51 years ago today.

More year-end awards today!  Jim and Greg embark on the second half of their six-episode saga known as the 2022 Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, they offer up their selections for the best political idea, worst political idea, and boldest political tactics for the year. Their selections range from the campaign trail to the halls of Congress to the biggest land war in Europe in more than 75 years.

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The announcement I never thought I would get to make: Samuel Christian Schley was born November 11, 2022 at 2:50 PM. He was 20 inches long and 7 pounds, 3 ounces; now almost a month later, he’s 22.5″ and 8 pounds, 12 ounces. (Finally my boobs are doing something useful!) We are both doing well. […]

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My New Life


In December, nearly a year ago, I wrote that my husband had been diagnosed with a form of leukemia. However, that was not correct, we found when we visited a specialized cancer center. He was quite sick, but it was a liver problem and some kind of blood cell problem…just not cancer.

He died on October 27, 2022, a little over two weeks ago. We had a lovely funeral here for him. Our five children were all able to come, and our four grandchildren. Many friends have comforted me in person, and I’ve heard from many more via the internet and snail-mail.

‘Same-Sex Couple’ Does Not Equal ‘Two-Sex Couple’


Same-sex “marriage” is in discussion again, as the US Senate seems intent on forcing the issue further down the throats of resistant Americans. There are multiple arguments for why same-sex couples do not qualify for “marriage.” My primary argument is that same-sex couples cannot produce children.

Marriage is socially and legally recognized for couples of two sexes because such a couple may, even is likely to, create new life, i.e., produce children. Those children blend the two families from which the couple came into a new branch on the tree of humanity and perpetuate that blend far into the future. Throughout history and across cultures, it has been and is the expectation of children that drives marriage. “Romance” or “erotic love” are very late additions to the long and broad history of marriage, and not particularly central to why marriage exists.

To kickoff Season 2 of Brewing Business, we invited Emily Ginn to join our show!

Ginn is a certified life coach and a masters-level Social Worker based in Austin, TX. Her cognitive-behavioral approach brings awareness, clarity, and support or her clients. Emily works with women considering, seeking, or undergoing fertility treatment who want to enjoy their lives even in the midst of infertility. Ginn is also the host of the IVF This podcast.

Your questions were so good that Jim and Greg decided to take on three more today! In this edition, they address why supposed conservatives not only refused to support Donald Trump but stopped advocating for conservatism and openly embraced the Democrats while insisting they are still the principled ones. Then they discuss who they would choose as their running mates, with the condition that they cannot choose each other. Finally, they talk “Die Hard” – you knew it was going to come up! This time they are asked to rank the films in the series from best to worst.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three very bitter martinis. First, it’s a double shot of bad as Sen. Joe Manchin abandons his inflation concerns to push corporate tax increases and hundreds of billions in climate change programs – and it’s all going to happen because the GOP got outsmarted by Senate Dems. They also fume as the Biden administration offers to free one of the world’s worst terrorists in exchange for two Americans held in Russia. And they lament a new Gallup poll showing that just 29 percent of Americans think couples with children should be married. And the numbers aren’t that much better among conservatives.


Marriage Is Hard Work


Several years ago, a friend asked me when I thought that couples could stop working so hard at their marriages. My one-word answer: Never.

In these times, people have figured out that they can’t cruise through marriage and often decide to just play house; it seems so much easier than pursuing a mature, committed relationship. For those who are utopian dreamers, they will never find perfection in marriage either, no matter how hard they try. Reality will always show up to ruin their expectations.

Strong Families for All Are Worth Defending


In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote a landmark report in which he contended that the rising number of black families headed by unmarried mothers would reduce the prospects for Blacks to rise out of poverty, in spite of that era’s landmark civil rights legislation.

Moynihan was furiously denounced for his efforts. But he was proven right and he would be even more correct making the same observations today.

It’s been a tough half-century for families. Although Moynihan focused his concerns on Blacks, family breakdown correlates as much with income level as it does with race.

Rob Long is in for Jim. Join Rob and Greg as they cheer the energy industry bluntly rebutting President Biden’s pathetic demonization of it by laying out how production, refining, and pricing actually work and how Biden’s vow to end fossil fuels is directly responsible for skyrocketing energy prices. They also slam Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for trying to derail school voucher options for parents. And they look at the left’s creepy war on pregnancy centers.

My First Mother’s Day


An odd title, you may be thinking. Aren’t you in your late thirties? Well, yes. But today is my first Mother’s Day as a mother. My child may still be young enough to be aborted in Mississippi under the law under review in Dodd, but I am finally a member of the sorority stretching back to Eve.

I won’t spout any cliches about how “it’s only when you stop trying that it happens.” For the person desperate to be a parent, that offers no comfort whatsoever. I will say that when you accept that children are a gift from God that He simply doesn’t give everyone without that lack of a gift being a comment on your worthiness as a person (if the rain falls on the just and the unjust, so does the drought), that a childless life can still be one of meaning and purpose — when you can achieve that level of spiritual enlightenment and release, then the marriage bed can be freed from the sorrow, guilt, betrayal, despair, and pain that made it a mockery of its intended purpose. As much as every barren tear over the last decade scourged my heart as they carved their way into wrinkles around my eyes and bleached my brown hair silver, I can’t deny that they made me a better person, one who has a much better grasp of what is and isn’t in my control. 

Join Jim and Greg as they cover President Biden’s latest all-time low approval rating. Despite delivering a Supreme Court Justice and the waning of the COVID-19 virus, Biden’s approval percentage sank to just 42% in the latest CBS New/YouGov Poll.  They also analyze the host of factors contributing to increasing despair and hopelessness in the American teenager including social media, COVID-19, and the media. And in a desperate attempt to appease his increasingly dissatisfied base, President Biden is taking steps to counter “ghost guns” this week.