1. Cutlass

    DocJay: Piers Morgan. That man is scum. I think I’d enjoy giving him an MMA lesson. 

    I agree with this sentiment a lot. His interview with George Zimmerman’s brother was something to see tonight. 

    Another choice exchange was when Morgan saw that Zimmerman got his gun back he sneered “He’s not going to still carry a gun, is he?”

    The brother, stating the obvious, responded that now George would need to protect himself more than ever.

    Oh, and the cherry on top was at the end when the other CNN anchor demanded to know if Zimmerman had plans to heal racial division in America.

  2. Group Captain Mandrake

    Oh, and the cherry on top was at the end when the other CNN anchor demanded to know if Zimmerman had plans to heal racial division in America.

    Whether he does have such plans or not, it’s difficult to see how he could do a worse job than the total cock-up of the mainstream media and the current administration.

  3. Whiskey Sam

    Having seen no evidence that ever directly contradicted anything Zimmerman told police, this is the right verdict.

  4. D.C. McAllister

    Do you think the Sanford chief of police will get his job back?

  5. Whiskey Sam

    I’ll add my question from the member feed here in case some of our legal exports follow this thread.  Did Zimmerman help himself by cooperating with police from the outset, or if he had lawyered up immediately could he have avoided being charged at all?

  6. Mike LaRoche

    My faith in America’s justice system is restored just a bit.  Let’s hope there are no riots.  If there are, all blame (and bills for damages) should be forwarded to the liberal media.

  7. Knotwise the Poet

    Hallelujah!  And, yeah, let’s pray there’s no riots.

  8. flownover

    I’m holding my breath. You can hear the wheels turning in cities right now, Occupy people, DOJ co-conspirators, community organizers with a grudge.

    Remember that Rodney King was doing 105 mph and high on PCP and other things when they tried to stop and cuff him. Probably reasonable force when confronted with a dangerous situation and a report back of multiple priors. Reginald Denny didn’t do so well. Nor did the others.

    It was rioting for rioting sakes, pure anarchy .  Total disregard for the law and the government that weans them with freebies. Imagine that people are tweeting tonight using obamaphones planning an illegal action ?

    There is no threat of consequence today for this kind of civil action. Sharpton has been rewarded for the dead at Freddy’s Furniture  with a seat on MSNBC. Jackson remains aloof scandal after scandal. The Black Panthers blocked voters with weapons and threats and go unpunished. 

    Watch the venues they use to incite rioting. I think I’ll be channelsurfing to see who is throwing gas on the fire. And I think I know what channel to start with. I can’t imagine Amy Goodman can stay up past 10 anymore. 

  9. Jerry Carroll

    Nancy Grace needed smelling salts. Why was she so emotionally invested in the case? The rest of the media too, for that matter. The question now is whether Obama and Holder will throw gasoline on the fire to jack up the base for the next election.

  10. KC Mulville

    This is Act One.

    I want to see if the misnamed Justice Department tries to “get” Zimmerman on some other charge.

  11. EJHill

    To those upset by verdict I say this: Get upset at the black children that are dying everyday in Chicago and elsewhere. Blacks must stop killing their own.

  12. raycon and lindacon

    Our prediction is that the DOJ will file federal charges against Zimmerman within a week.  No telling what they will concoct, but double jeopardy is now a part of the scenery.

  13. Colin B Lane

    Watching Angela Corey in the press conference. So nasty and ungracious. No effort to make clear that George Zimmerman is officially exonerated and not a criminal. Just a creepy Dolores Umbridge (see earlier Mollie thread) phony smile with self serving BS about why they were right to bring the charges they did. Classless.

  14. EHerring

    The lynch mob has a lot to answer for – People fired, emotions riled up, an expensive defense, tainted DOJ (ok, it was already tainted), and a man who must live in fear of his life. Every Neighborhood Watch group should consider disbanding for fear of liability. Better to kill an intruder in your house than outside your neighbor’s house. Every neighbor for himself. The country came very close to legitimizing the concept that being dissed is grounds to beat up someone. And finally, the real problem….the lost generation of gang members and teens who are easily dissed stays lost.Two weeks ago, a mother of four here was killed by would be robbers who look a lot like the son Obama would have had. Did that make national news?

  15. Mike LaRoche
    raycon and lindacon: Our prediction is that the DOJ will file federal charges against Zimmerman within a week.  No telling what they will concoct, but double jeopardy is now a part of the scenery. · 4 minutes ago

    Like I said in Foxfier’s thread, if the DOJ truly cares about civil rights, they should file charges against Eric Holder.

  16. Dave Carter

    From the judge’s instructions to the jury:

    If George Zimmerman was not engaged in an unlawful activity and was attacked in anyplace where he had a right to be, he had no duty to retreat and had the right to stand hisground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he reasonably believed that it was necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

    I’m relieved (and a bit surprised) to see a jury apply the law rather than emotion and a fear of the mob.  They were courageous, and this underscores the point that jury duty should be neither taken lightly nor evaded by good people.  

  17. Whiskey Sam

    If I understood Zimmerman’s attorney, they’re going to get immunity from civil lawsuits.  Is that solely for Florida or does that cover federal charges, too?

  18. DocJay

    Whiskey Sam, I think it hurt him.

  19. Whiskey Sam
    DocJay: Whiskey Sam, I think it hurt him. · 1 minute ago

    I tend to think you’re right that he would have been better served getting a lawyer, but I wonder if his willingness to be forthright played well with the jury as evidence of sincerity.

  20. Steven Potter

    Thank God.  This whole trial was such a mess and should not have happened in the first place.

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