Your 60-Second Pitch to an Undecided Voter

With less than two weeks until the election — and with margins so small — we need to make our final cases to undecided voters. Consider this a forum to discuss and refine our methods.

Remember, undecided voters are probably not conservatives, nor likely to become such upon hearing a short argument. But we’ll have four years after the election to persuade them to change their ideology; right now, we just need to change their vote.

So, in 60 seconds, why should an undecided voter for Romne…

  1. Doug Kimball

    With incomes in decline, overall employment down, unemployment stuck at unhealthy levels, poverty up, food stamp roles up and gas prices doubled, too many Americans are seeing the American Dream slip away.  Obama has had four years to address these things, yet things have actually gotten worse on his watch.  Romney is a fixer.  He turned around companies at Bain and made his fortune.  When the Olympics in Salt Lake City seemed doomed to failure, he jumped in and turned things around.  And as Governor of MA, he balanced every budget, cut taxes, attracted jobs and helped the education system become the best in the country.  Our country needs a fixer right now, not an idealist.   

  2. Casey from Ohio

    I am new here and I understand there is another Casey so from now on I’ll be Casey from Ohio.  Yep, I live in the new Ground Zero, Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Ohio so I’ve had several conversations like this.

    Generally, no one believes Obama has done the best that could be done with the economy but undecideds/neutrals/angry-in-general folks can’t get past what they see as conservative inflexibility on social issues.

    Two strategies:  one, affirm that all conservaties are not in lockstep agreement on social issues; and two, do what I call Mr. Potato Head President and ask them what they would see as the qualities required for a president they could support.  You’ll usually hear about how they want agreement, consensus, fairness, independence for individuals, and competence.  Then use bullet points to show how Romney fits that list much better than Obama.

    By asking their opinion you avoid the fear of political evangelism that pervades our discourse. You must make him (and yourself) a reasonable choice. 

  3. Casey

    I think this site is so awesome because of the number of Caseys.

  4. Casey

    I think the most effective strategy is focusing on the math.  You can’t really argue about that.  And it seems pretty obvious to me that Obama doesn’t get (or at least doesn’t care about) the math.

    That all seems like a pretty easy sell.  Unfortunately, I’m not bumping into any undecided voters.

  5. Western Chauvinist

    Me: “I just think robbing from the future prosperity of our kids and grandkids to pay for stuff we want now is immoral. I also despise class envy and believe it exhibits low character and is un-American.” 

    /shrug and walk away

  6. Mimi

    If you can’t decide for yourself, decide for someone you care for.  What about your parents?  Can they afford to have all they worked for in savings lost through depressed interest rates?  Is it OK or not OK that they would forfeit the medicare program they know and count on, for a program that has raided their own?  Can they afford the higher prices in food, heating fuels, gasoline, etc.?

    What about your children?  What kind of future are you leaving for them?  Are you leaving them with debt that will rip apart any presumed free choice and national freedom?  Are you impressed with the education they are getting that is putting them in the bottom ranks of the world?  Is education for teachers or for students?

    What about your friends?  How many of them know where they are headed?  How many are uncertain?  Certainty would help them.  They could make plans, based on having a steady job, a secure home, and earned income from a job they trained for.

    What about your community?  Is it even solvent?  How do you get it back on track?  Private sector jobs.  Reducing excess spending.

    Back to yourself: vote smart.

  7. Higgs Boson

    If Obama would willfully abandon his own embassy staff,  he’d  betray you, too.  

  8. neutral observer

    This is what seems to have worked for me when I took on the task of converting my undecided hairdresser.  Background:  he’s gotten sick of all of the TV coverage (debates, ads, etc) and I can relate to that.  So his sole source of information is his customers and relatives.  Some on both sides of the issue come across as conspiracy theorists (Obama is a secret Muslim; Mormonism is scary; etc).  So he asked me to explain my views.  I tackled it this way:  he’s a small businessman.  All his money goes for health care (he doesn’t have insurance) and taxes.  There’s no way he’s going to hire anyone, because he doesn’t know what his liability is going to be (and no one meets his standards).

    So, bottom line is this:  Do you want more government interference or less?  Higher taxes or lower?  More employer mandates or fewer?  Fortunately in the past he’s worked for the state government so he knows first hand how incompetently they behave.

    BTW:  he voted for Obama in 2008 because he wanted to be nice.  I don’t think that’s going to happen again.

  9. Lavaux

    Our standard of living is not a sure thing. Imagine going camping in the far-away and vast wilderness, but the only stuff you can take is the stuff you know how to make yourself.

    Do you know how to make steel? If not, you can’t take any steel with you camping. Do you know how to make the cotton yarn that’s woven to make a T-shirt? If not, then you can’t take one with you.

    Get it? You’re naked in the wilderness, and you’ve got to figure out how to survive according to natural laws, patterns and details you don’t have time to learn. 

    Now consider why are you able to live the life you live. Isn’t it because people from all across the planet are able to come together to trade goods, services and knowledge to make each other better off? Yes. And did that situation happen by accident? No, people learned that they were best off doing what they do best and trading for the rest. So why fundamentally transform all of this? To get a better result?

    Vote Romney to get Obama out of our way.

  10. Zafar

    So you make an good point:

    “Look, the government is running out of money; we’ve simply promised too much  spending to too many people and we can’t meet those obligations without bankrupting the nation. ”

    What if they ask:

    “Why can’t the wealthy pay  a higher proportion in taxes?  They already have so much, why can’t they pay more to get the deficit down?  That would be good for the economy and the wealthy would benefit the most from that.”

  11. iWc

    Just show them the new sex=voting ad. That is 60 seconds of pure repulse. They may not vote for Romney after watching it, but they also won’t want to vote for Obama.

  12. Yeah...ok.

    Wow, a four year coma. Are you sure you’re ok?

  13. Foxfier

    I vent about the lies around Benghazi   Works better because the folks most resistant to believing stuff that’s not on the lapdog news also think that I’d 1) have more information because of military ties, and 2) spread it like that.

  14. dogsbody

    My pitch is simple.  Romney:  because we can’t stand 4 more years of  ineffective touchy-feely mush.

  15. outstripp

    The president is practicing Bernie Madoff economics. It will work for awhile, but when it goes sour look out. 

  16. Copperfield

    The centrist soft sell (we don’t want to injure their delicate sensibilities and we have to keep it to a few simple points they can easily grasp):

    Look, I have issues with both candidates, and really, I wish Mitch Daniels had run.  President Obama is a remarkable man in many ways, I just don’t think his skills are particularly suited for an executive position like the Presidency.  So, given the choice we have, I’m voting for Romney because he has a history of balancing budgets, working with the other party, and seems to have a better grasp of the economy. 

  17. Scott R

    Are you better off than you were $5 trillion ago? Our kids and grandkids certainly aren’t.


    In our federal system, we have the advantage of being able to experiment in the states with different economic models. Those that have been following the Obama model — chief among them CA, NY, IL — are slouching into debt and stagnation. Those that have followed a model more closely resembling the Romney/Ryan approach — say TX, IN, WI, VA — are enjoying balanced budgets and growth. QED.

  18. Pilli

    If you’re still undecided, stay home! You obviously don’t have the judgment it takes to weigh issues. Jus stay home and watch Jersey Shore. Let us adults run things.

  19. Dan Short

    Too complex, when the question is easy; do you wish to live in a nation under the design of central planning communism? Or would you prefer to live in the only nation with an elected, republican form of government; enumerated by the constitution to protect your individual freedoms?

    It’s that basic.

  20. Aaron Miller

    Obama blames everything on Republicans, yet Democrats controlled both the Congress and the Senate for two years.

    Obama extended the Bush tax cuts. Now, he claims Republicans only want to extend those same cuts to help “the super rich” become richer.

    Gas prices are double what they were when he took office, and he blames it on a strengthening economy.

    President Obama thinks you’re stupid.

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