Will Margaret Thatcher Take one in the Pearls?

Last night I saw the trailer for “The Iron Lady” with Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher.  All I could think was “hit piece.”  Streep is, as always, going to be spot-on as Thatcher, but there’s no way she would appreciate Thatcher’s policies, if she even looks that far.  Then there’s the worrisome stewardship.  Not necessarily politically, but Phillyda Lloyd is director of the internationally popular but horrendously awful “Mama Mia.”  (I know there’s some fans out there, so I’ll take my hits.)

There’s already buzz in the Daily Mail that friends of Thatcher aren’t happy with the film.

I put it to our local Thatcher expert, Claire Berlinski, and our other British members,  what are the odds this is a laudatory, even fair portrayal?