Why We Give Egypt So Many Weapons

Two days ago a friend said to me, “I’ve never understood why we give Egypt so much military aid.” I’ve actually been waiting patiently since 1993 for someone to say that to me.

I wrote my doctoral dissertation about the formation of American arms transfer policy toward the Arab-Israeli antagonists. In other words, I could actually bore you from now until the end of time with a really serious answer to that question, not just the kind of fine-sounding thing pundits typically pull out of their keisters because there’s a microphone in front of them. I really, actually know the answer.

That dissertation has been read, I think, by four people at most, one of them my supervisor, two of them my examiners, and one of them, maybe, my mother. Last I checked, it had never been checked out of the library, not even once. So obviously, this is my big moment.

Are you ready? Are you curious? Here’s the answer. Or part of it. There’s more, but I’ll wait for you all to beg to read the rest.

I’ll keep waiting. I’ve been waiting for eighteen years. I can wait a while longer.