Why not?

A curious question occurred to me reading this article on events in Syria:

Syria’s military has begun stockpiling chemical weapons and equipping its soldiers with gas masks near the city of Homs, opposition sources reported on Thursday.

Opposition activists said they had received reports that the Syrian army had transferred a significant…

  1. R. Craigen

    Chilling.  Remember those reports, prior to the second Gulf War, of truckloads of equipment and supplies going across the border into Syria — and then no “weapons of mass destruction” being found?  I wonder if we’re about to find them … being used.  (I don’t mean nuclear, but chemical and perhaps biological, which I think was what they believed had been transferred…)

  2. DocJay

    R Craigen, you are correct. Roberto, he will use if needed. Quite ominous.

  3. flownover

    This guy doesn’t have any friends left. Iranians (persians) are univerally disliked, but they are in charge of the WMD in the region. So don’t think you’re even hearing the whole truth now.

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