Where Are the Obama T-Shirts and Posters?

I would have never predicted this four years ago.

I just took an extended stroll across the UCLA campus. I walked past approximately 750 people (yes, I counted), yet I saw only two Obama t-shirts. I think if I had performed the same experiment on Election Day four years ago, the number would have been something like 150 t-shirts.

My stroll took me through all the hallways of (i) the African American Studies Department, (ii) the Sociology Department, and (iii) the Cezar E. Chavez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies. Yet, I saw no Obama posters, nor any other kind of pro-Obama paraphernalia in those hallways.

In contrast, although I saw zero Romney t-shirts, I did see two “Liberty for North Korea” t-shirts and three ROTC uniforms. I also saw three “UCLA Track and Field” t-shirts. The latter especially warms my heart. UCLA students seem to have more enthusiasm for a dying sport than they do for President Obama.