When Is Christmas Over?

While walking the Dunphy dog through the neighborhood this past weekend I was saddened to see that a nearby house, which had been riotously bedecked with every type of Christmas decoration imaginable, had been stripped of any trace of its Yuletide glories. Why not wait at least until after New Year’s Day, I wondered. 

Here in the Dunphy house we are hanging on to the Christmas season to the last moment, leaving our tree, lights, and decorations in place until the Feast of the Epiphany, which falls on Jan. 6. But I confess that even then I’ll be loath to see an abrupt end to such a joyous season. I’m listening to Handel’s “Messiah” even now as I write this, and I sometimes listen to Christmas music at various times throughout the year. We picked a good tree this year and it’s holding it’s needles well, but next week we’ll have to take down the ornaments and toss it in the bin, a bittersweet exercise for us every year.

When does the Christmas season end at your house, and what will you miss about it?