What would an Obama World Look Like ?

Would there be any gun ranges ? How about churches ? 

Would the Supreme Court even exist ? How often would Congress meet ? 

Would there be hunting ? How about Five Guys ? Would pot be legal everywhere ?

What would the tax rates be for , say a …. coal mining operation ?

Could we keep our fast cars ? How about big houses on 5 acre suburban lots ?

What do you think he would consider the “best of all possible Obamaworlds ” to be ?

Would Lena Dunham be Secretary of Defense ?

  1. Jimmy Carter

    North Korea

  2. Paul Dougherty

    I have no idea. I bet he has no idea. He strikes me as a man without a particular vision. I think he knows what he doesn’t like without really cultivating, in his mind, what he does like. My guess is that Sen. Hagel’s choice as Defense Secretary is less of “he share’s my vision”, and more of “I remember him from Foreign Relations, why not?”.

  3. HeartofAmerica

    If 5 Guys shuts down…it’s officially over.

    No, seriously Mr. HOA and I were talking tonight about what we think the USA will look like in ten years or less. It was not a positive conversation. We believe that unless some common sense moves into the White House and Congress (and soon), our lives will be irrevocably changed forever. We will be too far gone to be able to bring it back.

  4. Bemused Canuck

    France, on a Friday night with the rioters dancing around the cars burning in the banlieuis…

  5. Great Goldwater

    The only Christians in ObamaLand will be those being fed to the lions at Ayers Arena each Friday.

  6. jetstream

    Venezuela …

  7. Group Captain Mandrake

    It would be similar to the world of Winston Smith in 1984.  The Inner Party would be Obama and his cabinet.  Benjamin Netanyahu would be Emmanuel Goldstein.  Doubleplusungood.

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