What Is Behind the “Romney (& Tonight Ryan) Lies” Charges from the Obama Camp?

Tonight expect a flurry of “Ryan lies” charges from Vice President Joe Biden. Set aside why even the MSMosphere would take seriously such an accusation from a serial plagiarizer. Why is the Obama campaign focused on shouting “Romney (or Ryan) lies” no matter what the GOP candidates say? After all, time after time the so-called “lies” have turned out to be completely true. My Monday column at HughHewitt.com looks at what the Obama campaign is up to, concluding:

[E]ven as they level the charge of “lies,” the administration and its allies are careless (at best) with facts and the truth. They are intent not on winning the national debate but on “disqualifying” (as the current phrase has it) the Romney-Ryan ticket — not a pretty strategy, nor an honorable one. The question now is, will it work?

We’ll see tonight.