What Conservative Words Does Gmail NOT Recognize?

While creating a devotional journal entry this morning I was spell-checked when I typed the word COLOSSIANS. Gmail wanted me to consider colossi-ans or just colossi. (Sure, I believe the plural of colossus is far more used in our culture than the name for the book in the Bible, which is so rare as to qualify as a non-word.) Biblical illiteracy races forward into the Brave New World! What other biblical or conservative terms does Gmail or other spell checking software want you to re…

  1. Troy Senik, Ed.

    Bring this topic up with any conservative writer and you’ll immediately set them off about the fact that Word doesn’t recognize “exceptionialism.”

    Turns out, upon writing this, that our software at Ricochet doesn’t either [sigh].

  2. Sabrdance

    I’m teaching the Cold War.  I’m periodically annoyed that PowerPoint recognizes Holocaust, but not Holodomor.

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