What Cheers You Up?

It’s a rainy day here in warm Canada and a cup of tea with my mum never fails to cheer me up.

So what cheers you up, oh right people with the right tone at Ricochet corner?

Is it a particular podcast with the dulcet, but bratty tones of Rob Long. Was it when James Lileks rushed to answer Pseudo’s question, “Mary Ann or Ginger?” not even missing a beat, not bothering to pronounce Pseudo’s full name correctly, in a mad dash to tell us his choice?

Is it Mona and Jay discussing whether the polit…

  1. Goldgeller

    I enjoy Ricochet podcasts of course. They are all great (I hate naming names!) and I really enjoy Bill Craig’s “Reasonable Faith podcast.” Listening to that is something that has really changed me. 

    A main way to cheer up, without spending much money, is to go to the gym and excercise. If I’m stressed or something, getting a nice run and or lift in, will cheer me up. 

    Of course I do listen to church stuff at times as well, so that I remember that life is about more than me.

    I enjoy reading  good comics. I tend to delay some comic reading so that I’ve got something for a “rainy day” or a lackluster Wednesday. 

    I love my family. Sometimes that cheers me up, but sometimes I get tough (but necessary, often) medicine, and that doesn’t cheer me, even if I benefit from it later on. 

    As much as I enjoy video games, I tend to want to play them when I’m already happy ;) But a good game will sometimes help.

  2. Mama Toad

    Singing with my family. Getting my son’s PSAT scores this week (he did very well). Having my mother-in-law tell me how wonderful I am (really, she just called to do just that!). Getting ready to light our Hannukkiah tonight. Seeing my lovely daughter dancing the Nutcracker in an historic theater with amazing dancers, which I did Thursday and will do again this afternoon. Making a killer challah bread for dinner last night, and having enough left over this morning that everyone can have challah toast. Yum. Seeing my chickens wandering about the yard eating bugs. Not feeling sick after having been sick for most of the fall.

  3. Ryan M

    Having that rain turn to snow cheers me up!  Getting our house clean and sitting by the tree … we’ve had enough years of marriage and accumulated enough Christmas decorations to make the place pretty homey.

    I had a long week – sat up last night with a beer, reading a book of medieval history.  Believe it or not, that cheered me up quite a bit!  I also enjoyed watching that UK with John O’Sullivan and Jonah Goldberg.

  4. Joan of Ark La Tex

     YOU! and your loin jokes. 

  5. tabula rasa

    Just about anything involving Mona and Jay.  Even when they talk about the worst depredations of the Obama administration, they’re chipper and upbeat, and sincerely so.  The whole “conservatives are mean people” narrative is obviously false–just listen to those kind, generous people.

    Casey (or is it the cat?):  One never knows but they’re both funny.  Same category:  Lileks and P. G. Wodehouse.

    Jonah Goldberg’s laugh.

    Joan.  If I didn’t live 1500 miles away, I’d be camped out on her doorstep praying for a dinner invitation.  Heck, I’d be happy with scraps.

    English accents.  The English can speak absolute drivel and sound authoritative.  But when you listen to people like Churchill, Thatcher, O’Sullivan, Delingpole, and Steyn (I think his is British/Canadian), the combination of truth and the accent are hypnotizing.

    The sun shines too much where I live.  I like a good rainy/snowy day.

  6. Pseudodionysius

    Was it when James Lileks rushed to answer Pseudo’s question, “Maryann or Ginger?” not even missing a beat, not bothering to pronounce Pseudo’s full name correctly, in a mad dash to tell us his choice?

    I don’t care how he pronounces my name as long as he spells it correctly. 

  7. Pseudodionysius

    Latin. Latin makes me very happy.

  8. M1919A4

    What makes me happy?  

    A good long swim in a sparking pool followed by a quiet afternoon in an easy chair reading (really, re-reading) an Alan Furst novel, contemplating, when I am not absorbed in the book, supper with the lady I love and a couple of our good friends, and NOT thinking at all about the dismal state of our country and its economy and crumbling society.

  9. Amy Schley

    I know that talking with y’all does cheer me up a bit, even just as distraction from my gloomy thoughts.

  10. thelonious

    Had a rough day at work the other day.  When I got in my car I had John Coltrane qued up on my C.D player.  That livened my mood up about 1000 percent.  Still being able to play golf in December in Utah makes me happy.  Thank you climate change.  Actually it’s snowing now as I type.  That bums me out.

  11. John Walker

    What cheers you up?

    Knowing that the universe is infinite, and consequently there is an infinite number of other places, far outside our Hubble volume, where things are less messed up than they are here.

  12. DocJay

    Narcotics. Seriously though, my life has been about dancing in the storm with a grin rather than cursing it. Nearly everything cool, talented, kind, loving, intellectually stimulating, or beautiful just tickles me.

  13. Rocket City Dave
    Indaba: What cheers you up? · · 35 minutes ago

    One thing that will cheer me up is when Democrats turn on Obama and savage him the further into his second term we get. It’s hard to imagine that won’t happen given where we’re going.

  14. dittoheadadt

    Putting the car through the car wash, with inside cleaning included!

  15. Richard Fulmer

    There are small satisfactions like seeing the gas gauge on “F” or a freshly mown lawn.  There are big ones like sitting on the patio at night talking with my wife and kids, our feet up on the firepit and our eyes following the flames.

  16. Annefy

    Navy vs Army! Been a B@@@@ of a week. I only watch two college FB games each season, UCLA vs USC is one, Army vs Navy is the other. Am always happy with a Navy win, but am oh-so-proud and grateful of the players on both sides. Today they were adversaries, they will meet soon as brothers on the battlefield.

  17. Percival

    Family and friends.  Good books.  Good tunes (Maynard Ferguson’s Give It One at the moment).  You guys.

  18. DocJay

    Twenty minutes ago my son showed me his first college acceptance, Norwich University Military Academy. He may or may not go there but I’m damn proud right now. Even cheered ;)

  19. The King Prawn

    This week, reconnecting with an old friend even if it was over the tragedy that is my desktop computer (Newegg is my friend, provided I get the scratch together.) Also, I got the unexpected, but pleasant, surprise of working tomorrow. Yes, working on Sunday rather than being at church with my family is a bummer, but the amount of money I will receive for it is exactly what is required for my part of a root canal on the oldest kid.

    Also, since it’s a wintery day out there, the nice beef stew on the stove and the biscuits that just came out of the oven. Something about hearty food on a cold day just lifts the spirits.

  20. Tony Martyr

    Driving home through a stormy remote east Pilbara, after 5 days away – even being held up by an ore train can’t dampen the mood, given I was part of filling it up!


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