What am I missing???

When one looks at the election of 2008 it is easy to understand why the electorate was so willing to support the candidate who offered just what it wanted to hear. The allure of being part of history along with a desire to move in a different direction, swept many off their feet.

In actuality what we received was an incumbent who has:

-managed the economy as it has worsened…drastically, (unemployment, more debt, larger deficits, lower household incomes, etc.)

-divided the country along cla…

  1. Indaba

    Yet I listened to Rob Long’s radio station KCRW left, front and centre and the leftie said that Obama had exemplary foreign relations. He also said there were no scandals. No wonder conservatives get frustrated if this is what left media supports. A dead ambassador is not a disgrace? Wow.

  2. Doug Kimball

    With the Left - scandals, deficits, debt, threats, poor economics, accountability – none of this applies.  It’s all about shadenfreude and pandering, no not just pandering, encouraging the grievances of constituents, pandering to fellow travelers and plotting for so called “justice.”  If you are for me, you support my cause and recompense and you get my vote.  In light of that reality, any shortcoming can be ignored.   How else can the “fair share” mantra be justified as any tax revenue derived from it is dwarfed by any additional proposed spending and the current deficit.  This also explains the anger of the left and its lack of civility.  It is both ignorant and cynical and its only goal is power and its retention.

  3. liberal jim

    It so happens the American people by close to 70% opposed:  TARP, Nation building and Huge deficits all of which are emblematic of both the Bush and Obama administrations.  I agree that Romney will win, but unless he is willing to dramatically alter the course of the nation from the one that has been followed for the past 12 years he like Obama will be a one term President.

  4. Becky53

    Libs are so full of their ideals that they are blind and deaf to being conned.  After the last four years of being fooled by the leftymedia and conned by Reid, Pelosi, Obama — who hangs out with Bill Ayers, an anti-American terrorist, they still don’t admit their delusion!  We conservatives are always saving them from themselves.  

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