What a Liberal Mole Inside Fox News Discovered About Romney

Lefty news and gossip blog Gawker today introduced their newest hire: a current Fox News Channel employee who promises to dish the dirt about the goings-on within the Fox News empire. The Fox Mole’s inaugural post at Gawker includes a video, which the Fox Mole estimates to be pretty darn embarrassing and which he proceeds to mock, of Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity chatting casually before the taping of an interview at the Hannity Vegas Forum in February.

The thing is, the supposedly embarrassing video is really not that embarrassing—to either Romney or Hannity, that is. 

We learn that Romney and his wife Ann enjoy riding horses, and expensive horses at that, which the Fox Mole goes on to deride as an activity that only the most elite of the elitists partake in. And who know? Perhaps the discovery that the Romneys ride horses would be a turnoff to those who are still unfamiliar with the family’s great wealth.

Next, we learn that Team Romney stays in mid-priced accommodations when they’re on the road, rather than in luxury hotels. Sean Hannity asks whether this is on account of the intense media scrutiny that the candidate’s expenses undergo. Romney responds, “It’s not the scrutiny. It’s…you know, you can spend your money on ads or you can spend it on hotel rooms. I’d rather spend it on ads.” Oh, but how embarrassing it is to have a fiscally prudent candidate when we all know that real leaders are spendthrifts.

Finally, the Fox Mole discovers that Sean Hannity changes his tie midway through a two part interview in order to give the appearance that the two segments of the same interview were taped on different days. The horror. (By the way –and I may get a stern talking-to from Peter Robinson for revealing this top secret information– on days when Peter records two Uncommon Knowledge interviews back to back, he changes his tie in between the tapings so that people don’t fall under the false impression that he only owns one tie. I know, totally scandalous, right?)

Maybe I’m overlooking something very important in this video, but at the end of the candid two minute clip, I found myself liking Romney just a little bit better.