Wendy Kaminer on How Campus Censorship Makes Us Even Less Civil

After a fun week as a guest contributor, Ricochet has asked me to stop in every so often to let the community know about the bizarre parallel dimension known as higher education. I am happy to do so and would like to start off by sharing a post about the new FIRE video starring author, Atlantic columnist, and civil libertarian (as well as FIRE Board of Advisor member) Wendy Kaminer over at The Legal Satyricon

As Wendy says in the video: “If students are going to learn to think for themselves they have to have the freedom to speak for themselves … they have to almost be forced to or required to defend their ideas. That’s how you deepen and develop your ideas, by defending them by going into intellectual combat with people who have very different ideas and very different perspectives that are opposed to your own. That’s how people learn how to think.”