Welcome to The Levy & Counsell Show!


My dear Ricochetti, I’ve been away for a few months trying to finish a house (and if any of you have built a house, you’ll understand how all-encompassing a task it becomes in the final stages). It’s not quite done yet, but we’re in.

For those of you more recent Ricochet readers who don’t yet know me, I’m Ricochet’s Israel correspondent. Just a few moments ago, I finished recording the first episode of The Levy & Counsell Show (and yes, we’ll be glad of any suggestions for a zippier title). I and the estimable Damian Counsell, a British Web consultant, scientist, number-cruncher, and all-around clever person, talk about what we can learn from Nate Silver’s vindication, what Obama’s reelection means for the US-Israeli relationship, and what Hamas has been throwing at us over the past few weeks. Please give us a listen.

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