Welcome Helen Alvaré

Joining us on Ricochet as Guest Contributor this week is Helen M. Alvaré. Alvaré is an Associate Professor of Law at George Mason University’s School of Law and was previously at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law. Professor Alvaré received her law degree from Cornell University and a master’s degree in systematic theology from The Catholic University of America in 1989. I know many of you…

  1. raycon and lindacon

    Welcome to the family. 

    We need well articulated pro-life positions if we are to convince the libertarian and other ‘right to choose’ voices among our own family. 

    The more solid our voice, the more influence we can have.

  2. Mole-eye

    Welcome to the conversation, Professor!

  3. KC Mulville

    Given that today is the canonization of now-Saint Kateri Tekakwitha (a woman whose spirituality was grounded and fostered by Jesuits, by the way), I look forward to hearing from our guest. 

    Today is a good day to celebrate Catholic women. No disrespect to women of any other faiths, but I’m married to a Catholic woman, and she deserves the appreciation. 

  4. Mel Foil

    I saw her on EWTN’s World Over. She’s exceptionally smart and exceptionally charming–a double threat to any leftist anti-Catholic foes. :) I wish she’d run for high office.

  5. Aaron Miller

    Welcome aboard.

  6. Pseudodionysius

    Welcome to the electronic catacombs Professor Alvare.

  7. Mama Toad

    Welcome, Professor. I remember the first time I saw you on TV, when you appeared in a debate with Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, William F. Buckley, and ARianna Huffington, of all people, vs. Katherine Kolbert, Camille Paglia, Betty Friedan, and Katherine Burstein. Many moons ago.

    I wish we could see that video today, but I can’t find it online.

  8. Nick Stuart

    Don’t limit yourself to a week

  9. Instugator

    Welcome Professor. I look forward to your reading your thoughts.

  10. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    Outstanding! Welcome, ma’am!  Prof. Alvare, along with Mary Ann Glendon, Colleen Carroll Campbell, Pia Solenni, Mary Eberstadt, and Teresa Tomeo are the intellectual rock stars of solid, faithful, orthodox Catholic women who are such a blessing to the JPII generation. 

  11. Owl of Minerva


  12. Nanda Panjandrum

    Welcome!  So much looking forward to hearing from you here!

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