We Are A Nation Of Wusses

Oh come on. After a spate of anti-bullying laws were proposed throughout the country, the latest version targets not schoolyard meanies but one grown man. Apparently a conservative New Hampshire House speaker once made a legislator cry:

A group of moderate Republicans and Democrats have taken aim at Republican House Speaker William O’Brien with a bill banning bullying …

  1. Anon

    A rational observation, but too true, too bad, and too late.

    We have seen the wussed, and they are us.

  2. Palaeologus

    I recommend this spot for Rep. Emerson’s future strategy sessions.

  3. Casey

    Wussy Pet Peeve: Beginning statement with “I feel….” rather than “I think….”

  4. Goldgeller

    It’s not about being “a wuss” it’s more dangerous than that. We are moving away from respecting freedom of speech. We have been, as a nation, less and less comfortable with free expression for everyone. Certainly we like free expression when it deconstructs things we feel need to be deconstructed (“the patriarchal structure”) but outside of those boundaries, we are losing the respect for free speech.

  5. Pat in Obamaland

    I am somewhat reassured by the fact that there are still people in politics who will give a good dressing-down in the smoke-filled backrooms. How do you survive in politics if you cry when yelled at? Especially as a Republican!Don’t you have to have skin thick enough to be called homophobic, racist, and sexist by every person that disagrees with you?

  6. Foxman
    Pat in Obamaland How do you survive in politics if you cry when yelled at?  · 2 minutes ago

    There’s no crying in baseball. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWoD2sQ9LiU

  7. Misthiocracy
    Mollie Hemingway, Ed. The bill’s author, Representative Susan Emerson, a Republican, was subjected to a lengthy tirade by O’Brien last year that left her weeping after she proposed a number of amendments that would restore healthcare funding to a budget bill, said Representative Tim Copeland, a fellow Republican who said he overheard the incident.

    It’s simply another way to preemptively silence any opposition to activists’ wants and needs.

  8. Crystal Turner

    Young adults (who still consider themselves children) raised by helicopter parents, never went trick or treating, and never fought or argued to defend themselves are completely unprepared for liberty. That’s got to be one reason they prefer socialism over capitalism. They grew up in a world that denied reality, now they are lost.

  9. Diane Ellis
    Casey: Wussy Pet Peeve: Beginning statement with “I feel….” rather than “I think….” · 1 hour ago

    Unless, of course, your statement is about how you’re about to vomit. Then I have no problem with “I feel sick….”

  10. Joseph Eagar

    Molly, males are hardwired to be sensitive to women crying (there are some interesting studies on this).  I suspect that if it had been a man bullied, this bill wouldn’t have happened.  But, there’s nothing quite as difficult for men as seeing a woman bullied, especially if she can’t fight back.

  11. Valiuth

    I think Adam Corolla put it best in the title of his new book…”In 50 years we will all be chicks”. 

    I mean if the legislator in question was not a woman would any one even feel bad for her? 

    The anti-bullying laws are the product of people passing on their moral responsibilities to the government. Teachers jobs are to make sure people don’t get bullied and miss treated by their peers in school. If you are a teacher and you see this happen and let it continue you are a bad teacher. You should punish the bullies. Now though you can’t do anything to any one without having some sort of government regulation involved….madness I say…utter madness…naturally these government laws and rules must be broad and vague since they are seeking to control broad and vague actions. Such laws are usually bad laws… 

  12. Mama Toad

    Mollie, you hurt my feelings when you call me a wussy… boo hoo…

  13. Mollie Hemingway
    Mama Toad: Mollie, you hurt my feelings when you call me a wussy… boo hoo… · 3 minutes ago

    Fine, send the cops over.

  14. DocJay

    All your picture did was make me want to hunt a wolf.  You’re not really allowed to most places but the ranchers have a policy.  Shoot, shovel, shut up. No wusses here in the old west.

    By the way, you forgot calling the wahmbulance. 

  15. Jeff

    The culture is both decadent and effeminate.

  16. Casey
    Jeff Younger: The culture is both decadent and effeminate. · 1 minute ago

    So then…. Efferdent?



  17. Crow

    Rumor has it that there is a known antidote.

  18. Severely Ltd.
    Tom Lindholtz: America is circling the porcelain bowl. · 3 hours ago

    Thank you Tom for respecting all of our feelings. For a moment there I felt like you were going to use the “T” word.

  19. Christopher Esget

    Oh Mollie, you’re complaining about this when the federal government, and Alexandria schools, opened late today simply because it rained last night? Now that was wussy. Honestly, aren’t Virginia/DC/Maryland folk the biggest bunch of softies you’ve ever met?

  20. SMatthewStolte

    A few points:

    1. It seems like there should be some House rules about civilized behavior. If I had an employee who berated another employee until she cried, he would almost certainly be severely reprimanded. He might be fired, depending on the circumstances. Making this a House rule seems a better way to go than making it a law. Really easy to abuse.

    2. Does this bill have a name? Is the text available somewhere?

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