1. genferei

    I have listened to the ABC pre-coverage for 5 minutes. My IQ has halved.

  2. Cuban Mike

    Way to skirt the first question Joe.

  3. ChristmasBeard

    I can’t any sort of live video or audio to stream on my iPad. Grrr. 

  4. Jude

    Joe is looking like a clown. 

  5. Cuban Mike

    Takes on his laughing?  Seems condescending to me. 

  6. Goddess of Discord

    How is the world going to be behind us?

  7. Smokedaddy

    Very condescending. Can’t believe public, esp women won’t react negatively.

  8. Cuban Mike

    I hope Ryan compares charitable contributions.

  9. Trink

    I’m getting queasy watching Biden smirk.  

  10. Ken in CT

    JoeJose thinks his laughing is dismissive. He looks impolite to me.

  11. Goddess of Discord

    I cannot believe there are only 10 comments 43 minutes in to this debate. Is there a problem with the feed?

  12. Smokedaddy

    People are tweeting. But Joe is a certifiable body language disaster. Rude as hell.

  13. Trink

    Goddess I think the paucity of comments is because people are reacting like me.  I’m sickened by the bullying, smirking Biden.

  14. Proud Skeptic

    Raddatz has a good face for radio.

  15. Proud Skeptic

    I can’t believe that Raddatz is allowing Biden to interupt so much.  Ryan is doing a pretty good job keeping his cool but he has a nervous smirk at times.  It seems like whoever can interupt the most and talk the loudest is going to be perceived as the winner.

  16. tanglewoodfox

    The laughing and interrupting is reminiscent of  Gores eye rolling and sighs.

  17. Goddess of Discord

    Where else is there a live feed? I don’t tweet and this one is not working.

  18. Trink

    Goddess  - you’re right.

  19. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    Here that Taliban? We are leaving in 2014.  Then you can kill with impunity!

  20. fldore

    Ryan needs to be more aggressive.  He is coming across too passive and letting Biden bully him around.  

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