Voter ID Laws and the Clueless ‘Conservative’ Ross Douthat of the New York Times

Political analysis by my friend Ben Domenech (a Ricochet regular) was included Ross Douthat’s latest piece for the New York Times titled “Democrats Get a Gift From the Roberts Court.” I’ve enjoyed Douthat’s work as a movie reviewer at National Review, but as a “conservativ…

  1. Larry Koler

    [Oops - I just noticed that I commented on the wrong post -- Sorry about that -- I got interrupted by Sunday morning events. Here's my comment about this post:]

    Douthat is perfect for the NYT. They still don’t get him (especially on the religious aspect — but he’s considered safe in that arena) but the problem with people who have learned from the conservative elites that we mustn’t throw tantrums, is that they over interpret this into not making waves. Big difference — and they end up wanting to please. Appeasement and being pleasing sound like the same thing because they are.

    Like George Will, Douthat will help when he can but he won’t take any personal risks. These people are the liaison personnel (at best) who make a living staying in the middle on the controversial issues, choosing certain topics that won’t upset their masters too much (don’t kid yourself — these guys’ masters are leftists), and helping a little to interpret the conservative ideas for the left in a way that is palatable. 

    We must NEVER trust them with a job that his vitally important to us. What’s vital to us isn’t to them.

  2. Richard Fulmer

    I’m just amazed that the NYT will print anything that gives Republicans the benefit of the doubt.  “Potentially legitimate” is much more than I expected.

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