Vote Vote Vote for Delingpole!

I’ve just been nominated for a Bloggie – the internet’s answer to the Oscars, though obviously far more significant, glamorous, and life changing.

Unlike the Oscars, the awards do not automatically go to someone of the liberal persuasion. In my category – Best Blog About Politics – the nominees include the very soundly Conservative American Thinker and the not-noticeably left-wing Politico. My great fear is that one that is going to win is the other nominee in the category – Occupy.

Anyway, what I’m asking for here, obviously, is your vote. I ask not for selfish reasons but for The Cause. It seems to me that of all the defiant statements you could make this year against the global Progressive hegemony, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that is going to annoy liberals more than helping to secure a Delingpole victory in the Bloggies.

No really. It will be more politically incorrect than mowing down a whole school of baby polar bears in your Hummer; more satisfying than spraying an Occupy encampment with the thing these people most hate – hot, soapy water; more joyous than you’re going to feel till at least 2018 when America finally twigs that Obama really was the worst president in US history and you find yourselves a new Reagan to replace him.

Yes, that’s how important it is that you vote for me in these awards. (Oh, and do vote for Watts Up With That? in the best blog category, won’t you?). Here’s the link to the address again, it only takes a few seconds. Strike a blow for liberty, for justice, for Ricochet!