Viva Las Vegas


Despite Obama’s disapproval, I’m packing up to head to Las Vegas for the weekend to visit a few old chums. Maybe I’ll run into a horde of federal government employees who are there attending a conference on how to burn through taxpayer dollars. Instapundit writes:

Remember when Obama said it was wrong for corporations to send people to Vegas? Investigation: 140 Census Bosses Took Vegas Trip. “The trip cost an estimated $100,000 in airfare, meals and hotel costs and is coming under withering criticism from a Colorado congressman.” Spending restraint, like taxes, is for the little people.

If I see any government bureaucrats — I’m sure they’re easy to spot — I’ll snap a few photos and post them.

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    I’m jealous, I’ve never been! I was supposed to go when I was in San Diego in June and it was cancelled. Have fun!!

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    • September 25, 2010 at 3:53 am