Video: The Quotable Harry Reid

Taken from my Silicon Graffiti video blog series at PJM, a Letterman-style Top Ten look at the nuanced verbal stylings of the current Senate Majority Leader:

As for the items on the list, here are links to the references:

Number 10: Get this man a Claritin!

Number 9: The Peasants are Revolting!

Number 8, Beware the Evil-mongers!

Number 7: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

Number 6: The Senator as psychiatrist.

Number 5: Newspaper jobs saved or created!

Number 4: Harry Supports the Troops.

Number 3: Beltway Babies Say Goodnight.

Number 2: When Harry met Barry.

And after that racial epithet, Harry doubles down! Which brings us to The Number one quote from the Harry Reid super gaffe-o-matic 76 machine: Harry stands up for diversity and freedom of choice:

“I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican. Do I need to say more?”

No Harry, you’ve said enough. Which is why it might be time to take a nice long vacation come November.

What say you, Nevada?

Exit question: Politicians obviously have a need to constantly have their jaws moving, even if the brain isn’t always engaged with the mechanism. But have their gaffes gotten worse in recent years, or are we simply more aware them do to the Blogosphere, YouTube (as referenced by the above video), and the 24-hour news cycle?