Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson: Shearer and Long

This week on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson, something different: we take a look at the unlikely yet very entertaining friendship between actor, musician, documentarian, and the voice behind a half dozen Simpson’s characters Harry Shearer and our own Rob Long. Also, Harry discusses his film The Big Uneasy and Rob reveals how he got his start in Hollywood (as you’ll see, Harry got his first break as a child actor on the Jack Benny Show). 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/BTB4clFXhX8?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

  1. Leigh Nurre

    The I-tunes download isn’t working. I would love to hear this conversation. Hopefully it can be fixed. Happy Thanksgiving,

    Leigh Nurre, annual subscriber

  2. PJS

    What Leigh said.  I have been trying to download the audio for several days.  

  3. Misthiocracy

    Whenever I read the words “Hoover Institution”, I think of an insane asylum. 

    I can’t help it! “Institution” means loony-bin to me!

  4. Arahant

    That was fun!

  5. Arahant
    Misthiocracy: Whenever I read the words “Hoover Institution”, I think of an insane asylum. 

    I can’t help it! “Institution” means loony-bin to me! · 41 minutes ago

    Which institution are you in?

  6. MLH

    I, too, haven’t been able to download UK from iTunes for a couple of episodes. 

  7. Apologies for the issues concerning the podcast version of UK. We’re aware of the issue and are working on it (it’s tricky — it works for some but not for all). In the meantime, here is a direct link for the audio for this episode. 

  8. Chris Johnson

    That was great and I really need to watch, “The Big Uneasy”.

  9. Misthiocracy

    Does Rob get his hair cut at Hairy Shears?

    Wakka wakka wakka!

  10. edwarddentzel.com

    I wish I would’ve known about this interview before I went on the NR cruise. I would’ve loved to have talked to Rob a little more about it and Harry Shearer.

    Having said that, I thought Mr. Shearer came across as arrogant. Rob clearly came across as easily the nicer and more polite. Harry interrupting questions before they were even completed was off-putting. It’s not like he was being interviewed by some Hollywood hack who asks the same five questions to every interviewee. This was Peter Robinson asking the questions–a guy whose resume is just as impressive as Harry’s. 

    Granted, I respect Mr. Shearer’s work covering the problems with New Orleans’ levee system. And he doesn’t seem to be your average Left Coast lib. However, I’m not sure his documentary exposes anything new. I remember seeing a program on the History Channel in like 2006 saying the levees were constructed poorly. 

    In addition, although he seemed to criticize government in this interview, his overall opinion seems to be: government is good, unless it ends up being bad.

    Well, you could say that about anything. 

  11. Jeff Petraska

    What a delightful way for me to spend a peaceful and quiet Thanksgiving morning!  Well done, Peter, Rob, and Harry.

  12. Sabrdance

    So, Peter, how many cuts did you have to bandage after herding the cats?

  13. Dan Hanson

    That was fantastic!  Thanks to everyone involved, although I was hoping that Harry would show up in mutton chops…

    We’re very lucky that the podcast had two visionaries: Rob and Harry.  They’re like poets, like Shelley and Byron.  They’re two distinct types of visionaries; it’s like fire and ice, basically. I feel Peter’s role in the podcast is to be somewhere in the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water.

    Hint:  That last paragraph is stolen and modified from something Harry once said.  Bonus points if you know where it came from.

  14. Jimmy Carter

    I agree with GOVICIDE.

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