U.S. Small Biz Owners Pessimistic Post-Election

Gallup conducts a quarterly survey that measures how small businesses feel about their present situation and what they’re planning in the months ahead. Until 2008, the index scores were generally higher than 100. Now:

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  1. SunnyOptimism

    My first job out of college (with my newly minted Master’s Degree) was at a small start-up during the heady dot-com days.  The company had 9 employees when I started (I was employee #9, not to be confused with client #9) and when I left (18 months later), the company had 30 employees spread across 2 states.  When the dot-com bubble burst, that company let go half of its employees and shrank back to a single state operation.

    I now work for a large Fortune 100 company and one very clear experience from those days was just how sensitive small businesses are (no matter their product or service) to the external economic climate.  

    The dot-com burst was bad but it was contained to a single sector of the economy (for the most part).  Given the effort our politician’s are putting in to deal with the big macroeconomic issues of the day (that is, none at all), I can see the coming fiscal-cliff induced recession causing a lot of destruction for innocent people….my prayers go out to all small business owners and their employees during this season of economic hardship …. 

  2. ConservativeWanderer

    While I work for a large company, it’s in an industry that’s really threatened by the Obamaites — health insurance.

    So, I’m not sure what my employment future is.

  3. The King Prawn

    I followed Derb’s advice and got a government job. Of course, with growing kids, fluctuating food and fuel prices, and my family’s spending valiantly defying entropy, even being a government mule isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If it’s hard for me, I really fear for those in the real world.

  4. ConservativeWanderer

    I wonder how much of this pessimism is due to Obama’s demands for higher taxes on “the rich” which includes a lot of successful small business people?

  5. Becky53

    You’d think there’d be a rise in part-time work, hiring people who don’t get benefits and are ‘at will’ workers.  But even that kind of hiring is not happening, it appears…

  6. Jojo

    Anecdotally….the small business people I’ve talked to, in construction-related businesses, are worried.  Very worried. 

    But we must be wrong!  On the TV news last night they said the economy is going gangbusters.

  7. Fake John Galt

    I mentioned this to a group a liberal friends I work with.  They were absolutely giddy.  It seems that they believe that this means that Obama is doing his job right and have business right where they need to be.  They look forward to the day that businesses will share their profits with the employees since they are the ones that actually do the work.  When I mention that the economy is bad and this looks like it is getting worse they look at me like I am an idiot.  Everybody knows the economy is doing ok, Obama said so.   All hope is lost.

  8. Becky53

    I know!  It’s like the narrative trumps reality! 

    Jojo: Anecdotally….the small business people I’ve talked to, in construction-related businesses, are worried.  Very worried. 

    But we must be wrong!  On the TV news last night they said the economy is going gangbusters. · 28 minutes ago

  9. BlueAnt

    File this under “things that surprise absolutely no one who does real world work”.

  10. Gretchen

    One of our sons is a cook in a restaurant chain. He is  scraping by. The place he works is hiring a couple of new cooks. Probably so they can cut back the hours of the ones they have when Obamacare kicks in. Don´t know how he will scape by on less than 30 hours a week.

  11. Keith Preston

    Who cares.

    Where’s my government check?

    Edited to add…Remember, it’s Bush’s fault.  Can’t you tell by the graph?

  12. Frozen Chosen

    While I don’t expect to lay off any employees or experience a downturn in revenue next year, I am putting plans to open another location on the shelf.

    Why should I take the risk and do all the hard work necessary to expand when I can realistically expect to only keep 30-40 cents of every dollar I earn from expansion?

    I’m no different from thousands of other small business owners.  Good luck growing an economy with those consitions in place.  This is an economic principle that socialists like Obama and Gov.  Mark Dayton simply don’t understand.

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