‘Top Kill’ — Iranian Thrill?

Per WSJ News Alert:

Before taking questions at a midday news conference, the president said the U.S. is suspending the exploration of two regions off Alaska, as well as off the Gulf Coast and Virginia, and will suspend action on 33 wells currently being explored.

Is that sound a cheer coming up from Iran? You bet. 

A friend just said to me; “Assuming that the “top kill” working, how long before critics say ‘why did BP wait so long to try this approach?’ There is no winning.” 

He’s right. We have become a nation of utopians, arrogant 2nd guessers, and Lilliputians who are certain that enough rules will make everything work just right, not realizing that at some point they will just make everything grind to a halt. And with perfect timing, Obama has decided to extend his fiats to…make everything grind to a halt.