This Week On The Ricochet Podcast: Question Time

Twice a year, we forego guests and let you, the Ricochet Membership ask the questions. Any topic is on the table, so ask a question in the comments below and then stop by this Thursday at 8AM PT/11AM ET and listen to the show live and chat with your fellow members and Rob, Peter, and James (the show will also be available as a regular downloadable podcast). 

We’ll kick things off by answering the most obvious question first: yes, they actually do wear those suits while recording the Question Time podcasts.

Thanks to Mr. EJHill for the haute couture.

  1. BlueAnt

    I think I asked this before, but it’s relevant again in the election’s aftermath:

    Do you guys actually have a cut-off point, an “enough is enough” threshold when you throw up your hands in frustration and just give up the fight?  

    What is the one big outrage you identify as the tipping point, the final straw which, if it came to pass, would make you sincerely conclude that the party/republic/nation is beyond saving?

    (This isn’t an optimism vs pessimism question; I am curious if you admit the possibility of fatalism at all.)

  2. Danihel Tornator

    For Peter: How do you prepare for an Uncommon Knowledge interview? How do you come up with the questions that you ask?

    For all of you: Along with politics, a major theme on Ricochet is the arts (literature/music/tv/film) past and present. When are you going to develop a podcast that is devoted to these subjects? Acculturated is great, but it’s exclusively “pop” art. I would love to listen to a podcast that is more like your interviews with Prager or the literary podcast that James did once.

  3. Blue State Curmudgeon

    Should conservatives consider some form of civil disobedience to protest how this adminstration has slowly but surely eroded our political and economic rights ?  If so, what form should that take ?

  4. Pony Convertible

    We have QE III, which is likely to push up inflation, yet the banks are issuing mortgages at, or near, 3%.   What is going to happen to those financial institutions which hold these mortgages, when the inflation rate goes well beyond 3%?

  5. Scott R

    To each of you: Who is your one political kindred spirit – that writer, pundit, or politician whose opinions you agree with seemingly in every instance?

  6. Yeah...ok.

    What happened to Mark Steyn?

  7. Crow

    Let’s take a moment to focus on the positive. Republicans hold 30 governorships. What initiatives should our governors be pursuing in the coming years to mitigate the damage of another Obama administration and to set the right example for the Republican party in 2016?

    Pick your top 3 most important.

  8. EJHill

    If this truly Question Time, will you refer to each us as “The Honorable Member” before telling us what a horse’s rear end we are for asking such a stupid question?

  9. The King Prawn

    Why do I never hear Ricochet mentioned in the credentials introduction of any of the contributors when they do radio interviews? Seems like free advertising to me.

  10. Britanicus

    For Peter: Which version of the Master and Commander Aubrey/Maturin Series do you recommend? The one narrated by Patrick Tull, or by Simon Vance?

    This is most important, as I am about to embark on a wonderful journey that will take me around the world, and I need to be sure that the right voice will be my guide.


    Edit: the Audible edition, naturally.

  11. Arizona Conservative

    1. Along the lines of what Crow’s Nest asked, I am wondering if there might be a way to push an annual meeting of Red State-only governors? We don’t invite Blue State governors. Let the Red Staters hash over what to do. Good idea? How do we get this going?

    2. Quite seriously, I think the way to handle all this is to give the lefties enough rope to hang themselves. Go along with their moronic ideas, but tell everyone the Dems have full responsibility. They won’t take it, of course, but the American people will see through that. How viable is this idea and how do we get traction for it?

  12. Jimmy Carter

    When is Our First Annual International Ricochet Meet-Up at Hillsdale College?

  13. Larry Koler
    Frank Cwiklik: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? · 6 hours ago

    Yes, that happened last year and also once in 1949.

  14. Scott R
    The King Prawn: Why do I never hear Ricochet mentioned in the credentials introduction of any of the contributors when they do radio interviews? Seems like free advertising to me. · 9 minutes ago

    Amen, brother. Plus, now that Prager himself is kinda sorta a contributor, we’ve got to get him to routinely make a mention on his show. Truly, it would help a lot.

  15. Edward Smith

    I believe that the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement needs to be on a War Footing against the Liberals and Progressives.  Who among the Conservatives and Republicans will wage this War are seriously and ruthlessly as Ulysses Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman?

  16. Edward Smith

    Why are you all dressed up like the 7th Doctor?

  17. Illiniguy

    What’s your plan to leverage this site to give it greater influence on the public stage? Are you making inroads with groups, public officials or potential candidates to help frame the debate from our point of view?

  18. Illiniguy
    EJHill: If this truly Question Time, will you refer to each us as “The Honorable Member” before telling us what a horse’s rear end we are for asking such a stupid question? · 52 minutes ago

    You mean “Most Honorable Member”, don’t you?

  19. Larry Koler

    What do you guys think we should do about the media in this country?

    Isn’t it about time to go after them ethically and professionally? They are our political enemies and no one wants to fight this flanking attack.

    This is the 600 lb. gorilla and no one on our side seems to have any strategy whatsoever to deal with it. It was so embarrassing to watch Romney filter all the Mike Murpy type advice in his head when Candy Crowley stepped onto the platform, took off her mask and declared herself an Obama supporter. Newt would have gone directly after her and stopped that cold and forced the country to see what had just happened. It could have been used as a teaching moment.

  20. TaleenaS

    Rob – if someone offered you the chance to change any scripted show on tv what would it be?  (e.g. Walking Dead folks suddenly realize there are better ways to kill Zombies than personal angst sessions)

    James – Charlie Brown Christmas or How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

    Peter – What one food/experience encapsulates the Christmas holiday to you.  (e.g.  Thanksgiving is not complete without a turkey sandwich the day after)

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