There Will Be No Soda Served On The Road To Serfdom

Many thanks to Ricochet member Trace Urdan for sharing this report.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg, conqueror of french fries and czar of smoking zones wants to now use his powers over perfectionist living to OUTLAW food stamp recipients from buying soda.

While I prefer workfare to welfare for some to keep the rolls honest, other folks are on welfare because they truly can’t compete – the very young, the very old and the very sick. Social Security is not socialism, but a Capitalist’s moral safety net

Two points to be made here.

First – we don’t buy and own welfare recipients with our largess, and certainly don’t want someone who may have had some bad beats in life to suffer the further indignity of being told they aren’t worthy of the occasional guilty pleasure of an orange crush.

Second – as the illustration from Friedrich Hayek’s work suggests, once we give government any power over our freedoms, they’ll take the rest. Remember, Mayor (Nanny) Bloomberg’s ban on trans fats applies to all of us – not just food stamp recipients.

Hey Mayor Bloomberg – If you want to share an historical signal with early 20th century fascists, keep the trains running on time like Mussolini did. Beyond that, leave your neighbor alone!