There Is Nothing Creepy About This United States Of Obama Flag

The Obama campaign is selling a new flag in Obama’s image. Instead of stars, it has the Obama symbol. And some have noticed the similarity between the flag and some imagery that cropped up last week during the attacks on U.S. embassies around the world:

  1. AUMom

    This saddens me. I’m not even angry any more, just sad.

  2. Antiphon

    I assume that flag shall be held aloft the rows of marching followers with shouts of “For All!” on their lips.

  3. Essgee

    What about the 57 stars? 

    And to think someone  would pay for this…can they use the EBT card?

  4. Joan of Ark La Tex

    Replacing True American Colors with Tears and Blood. Obama Conscience (however little there is ) personified. 

  5. Mel Foil

    It looks kind of half-hearted and unfinished…fading away. Art sometimes tells truths that it wasn’t intending to tell.

  6. Mama Toad

    Totally creepy. I mean, all hail the Dear Leader!

    Can you imagine if anyone other than the DL had replaced any part of the American flag with a campaign symbol? I feel like I am in a bad dream… I can’t wake up and it keeps growing more and more absurd…

  7. Fred Cole

    Imagine how bad it’d be if there weren’t pushback.

  8. BrentB67

    Obama seems like a smart guy. A horrible lefist manipulator, but not dumb. I think he governs very intentionally, but his re-election campaign seems like a bag of progressive marbles broken on the floor and rolling everywhere. Things like this don’t seem charateristic of the smooth, polished, boil the frog slowly, socialist we have come to know.

    When I see stuff like this and look at how the campaign spends every cent it takes in every month I wonder if Obama is really trying to get re-elected. Maybe he and Axelrod are funneling campaign $’s to some consultant and ad cronies who are setting aside some of the $’s to feather Obama’s retirment bed.

  9. BrentB67
    Fred Cole: Imagine how bad it’d be if there weren’t pushback. · 2 minutes ago

    Edited 2 minutes ago

    What pushback? From who?

  10. Casey

    I’m quite convinced there are people on the inside trying desperately to sabotage Obama’s campaign.

  11. No Caesar

    Well this puts his laughable claim of being president of all Americans in the light it deserves.  He’s your president if you toe his line.  This would-by tyrant imagines he’s Caesar. 

    As bad as this is, the worst was when he used his own imagery in official US governmental signs.  Does anyone remember the Roman Standard-like symbol for Obamacare?  The claim that it’s based on the traditional Caduceus symbol for medicine doesn’t make it better.


  12. Gretch68

    Not creeped out. Not sad. Just tired of the same ole same ole from the campaign headquarters of our sitting Narcissist in Chief.

    I for one didn’t think he was talking about the flag when he was rambling on about change we can believe in but I guess this is what it has come to.  This is why he must go. Imagine the hagiography and iconography of a second term.  Now, that thought does creep me out.

  13. Antiphon
    Fred Cole: Imagine how bad it’d be if there weren’t pushback. · 11 minutes ago

    Edited 10 minutes ago

    “Whoa, ‘pushback’? Don’t you mean ‘blowback’?”

  14. Fred Cole

    Fred Cole: Imagine how bad it’d be if there weren’t pushback. · 2 minutes ago

    Edited 2 minutes ago

    What pushback? From who? · 8 minutes ago

    People like us who notice this cult of personality [expletive] and call them out on it.

    I remember, four years ago, the pseudo presidential Obama used on some podiums.

    This stuff is creepy, so its good there’s pushback.

     Politicians seducing the public can really wreck a republic, especially if they use their sway to give themselves more power.  

    I was really concerned in January 2009 that a slick tongued demagogue could do dangerous things and people would go along with it because he could sway them with his personality.  

    It was very heartening to see the push back Obama got for his crap.  

  15. 10 cents

    You laughed and scoffed but this proves it. He really is from another country.  I wonder if that country’s constitution starts out. “I the Person, in Order to form  more perfect Unions,  promote Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to myself, do ordain and establish this Constitution.”

    sarcasm/ off

  16. Casey Way

    My first thought was of this television print ad for the horror film “American Psycho.” The resemblance is frightening…

  17. Trace

    From @Antiphon — But I had to bust it out for anyone not hitting the link. The creepy just doesn’t stop. Even note the washed out sepia tone that conveys some kind of grungy, OWS, hipster cool. Goebbels has nothing on these folks:


  18. Devereaux

    ?Am I mistaken or was there not just this kind of iconography for the German National Socialist Party. While the actual symbols used are obviously different, it seems the approach is similar.

  19. Rachel Lu

    But really, you know, we should all buy them and put them up wherever we can. Just to accent the creepy.

  20. John H.
    Gretch68: Imagine the hagiography and iconography of a second term.  

    You just don’t see the word “hagiography” enough. 

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