The Wages of Cultural Illiteracy, or, The Obama Voter Speaks

Want to know what a dying republic sounds like? These are actual posts from Twitter: 

“If obama don’t get re-elected & romney wins .. on life every white person getting pistol whipped and i’m startin a riot.” 

“If Obama don’t win lets start a riot so Romney know what he’s getting himself into.” 

“You know you ain’t [expletive] if you gotta “MAKE” [expletive] vote for ROMNEY! …. Mannnn Obama better get back in office. Or BLACK FOLKS will riot.”

“If Mitt Romney wins the election I think its our duties as Black folks to riot and [expletive] [expletive] up.”

“I Heard Mitt Romney, Tryna Take Away Food Stamps , If He Do . “IMA START A RIOT , IMA START A RIOT.” 

“I swear if Mitt Romney becomes president, I’m gonna be the one to assassinate his [expletive].”

“If Mitt Romney win imma assassinate him.”

It’s time for the progressive professoriate, the media elite, and the liberal bed wetters to all stand up and take a bow. In Greece, the public sector workers protest when the state runs out of other people’s money to give them. But in the US, where utopians have for decades planted the seeds of relativism and dependence, a bumper crop of semi-literate delinquents now threatens riots and assassination if their sugar daddy doesn’t win in November. The children and grandchildren of the Great Society have come of age, many of them the product of government schools, from which they graduated blissfully unaware of their national heritage, uncaringly and stupendously ignorant of the sacrifices that generations have made on their behalf, and bereft of the meaning of liberty itself.

Marinated in the sauce of relativism, where concepts like good and evil are outdated notions of an irrelevant past, these reprobates have taken their lessons to heart. If the government can rob one group of their property and freedom, then why can’t they exercise that power themselves? Why wait for a new tax code when you can freelance? If goons from the New Black Panther Party can intimidate voters without prosecution from the Attorney General, why can’t others riot or murder if things don’t go their way?

A doctor of national health performing a check-up on America, upon seeing this rot, would recommend hospice. But I wonder, where are the media reports on this? If a Tea Party member threatened violence, you can bet a bottle of your favorite beverage that ol’ Tingles Matthews at MSNBC would be on the story like Joe Biden at a teeth whitening. And what exactly is our post-racial President doing to discourage this nonsense? Where are his calls for more civility? Where are the professional tut-tutters, tut-tutting these calls to violence? Why isn’t Nancy Pelosi tearing up again and reminiscing about the wages of intolerance as she did when Americans peacefully protested the passage of Obamacare? How quickly the rules change!

I don’t think this is going to end well for the parasitic class. It’s one thing (however appalling) to gleefully live off the confiscated property of others. It’s quite another to physically threaten them if they decide to vote for someone who doesn’t see the job description of Robin Hood among the Constitution’s enumerated powers. Our freedom was won by resistance to all manner of tyranny, and it will win out against their petty threats too. From kings to dictators, from Yorktown to Normandy, Americans have beaten the odds too many times to see their liberty and families threatened by imbecilic little hoodlums with their pants falling off.