The Voice of the People

Last week, Pejman mused that the White House’s stated policy of reviewing any online petition that garners over 25,000 signatures obligated them to respond to the public outcry for construction of a Death Star (personally, I’m opposed — just because it would ruin the vibe of the place to have Michelle Obama’s calorie counting carrying the day in the cafeteria).

Now it seems as though there’s another digital headache cluttering the desk of whichever beleaguered White House employee is responsible for these things (this seems like a logical place to augment the constitutionally thin responsibilities of the Vice Presidency). From Politico:

CNN anchor Piers Morgan isn’t benefiting from much Christmas cheer, at least according to one measure: The number of signers on a petition urging the White House to deport Morgan has skyrocketed by late Tuesday afternoon to nearly 66,000 names.

The petition, created last week, had 65,887 supporters around 5 P.M. Tuesday and is posted on the White House’s official petition site. It slams Morgan for comments he has made regarding gun control in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School that killed 20 children and six adults.

You know, I think we need to add another item to the conventional list of things that make Americans great: the hard work, the earnestness, the self-reliance, etc.

We really do impish better than almost anyone.