The Video From The Cab

In his most recent podcast, Dave Carter described his new truck in great and humorous detail. But that wasn’t enough for me and his legions of fans — we wanted to see it. So for weeks, I’ve been bugging Dave to use that fancy phone of his to give us a video tour (as if he doesn’t have anything better to do). Yesterday the video finally appeared along with this note from Dave:

“After no less than 10 minutes of careful analysis, I’ve concluded that the person who first coined the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” was just trying to weasel out of a writing assignment. But I’m not above adding to his evasions by saying that a video must be worth at least three thousand more words. So please consider the following video tour of my new truck as a temporary substitute for the more substantial post I have been meaning to write for the last several days. Besides, there are enough people who have expressed interest,….even a touch of occasional envy at the thought being a long haul truck driver, to give me hope that you might find this guided tour of some interest. So c’mon in, won’t you? I just dusted the place.”

Thanks, Dave. Now the next time you’re in Southern California, I want to drive the beast.