The Tennessean Breaks with Obama, Endorses Romney

Breaking with a long tradition of endorsing Democratic candidates for president, The Tennessean (the state of Tennessee’s largest daily newspaper) endorsed Mitt Romney today. The normally left-leaning editorial page cited Obama’s ram-rod approach to healthcare reform and inability to control spending as reasons to deny the president a second term.

For all his efforts, ranging from the stimulus package to green-energy development, to bring us out of recession, he has never found the key. He has generally made poor choices of the people needed to get the job done, such as Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. And the number of jobs created during his term simply has not kept up with demand.

The paper mentioned Romney’s competent record as governor of Massachusetts, and called on Romney to implement a serious debt-reduction plan and to “reunite America” with a more productive and bi-partisan approach to governing than Obama took during his four years in office.

The Tennessean, based in Nashville, is as faithfully Democratic as they come. In 2008 the paper endorsed Barack Obama. In 2004, it endorsed John Kerry. In 2000, it endorsed Al Gore. And…well, you get the picture.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit (a fellow Tennessean) took note a short time ago of this surprising Republican endorsement from “Al Gore’s newspaper.”(Gore worked for the paper as a young man and still has a home here in Nashville.)

Some long-time Democrats, who voted for Obama in 2008, are looking at the state of this country right now and they simply cannot risk another four years. In the debates, Romney has emerged in the nation’s consciousness as a viable and sensible alternative. As The Tennessean headline put it, for them, it is “Time for Another Change.”

Could this endorsement mark the emergence of “the Romney Democrats?”